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Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Permanent?

16 August, 2022

Before, many thought a Brazilian butt lift Mexico was extremely popular only among celebrities. However, thanks to medical advances, a Brazilian butt lift is now within everyone’s reach. Although this surgery is not the most exciting, the procedure gives people a fuller, more natural appearance.

So how long does a butt lift last? If you are thinking of getting a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), but you have serious doubts about the treatment, don’t worry because, in this matter, our friendly advisers will give you satisfactory answers. Stick around, and we’ll show you some highlights of a Brazilian butt lift.

What is a BBL?

A Brazilian butt lift Mexico is a surgical method that requires minimal incisions. It consists of using a cannula, which helps eliminate excess fat in different body parts, including the abdomen. Subsequently, this fat is purified and injected into the buttocks to achieve a round and perfect shape.

This surgery is the most loved because it not only provides a natural appearance but also adds volume, lifts, and incredibly improves the figure of the buttocks. It is not surprising that this method is one of the safest and most thriving surgeries.

Reasons to undergo a Brazilian butt lift Mexico

There are reasons to undergo surgery, such as weight loss, natural aging, sagging, or lack of volume. Even if you eat healthily or exercise, the buttocks can often look flat and without shape. In those cases, the only solution to combat this problem is the Brazilian butt lift.

Another great reason to perform a surgery like this is that no artificial materials or prostheses are used, but rather the body’s fat, which contributes to obtaining sensual curves and a more harmonious body. So, using your natural fat is the best option.

If you are a woman or a man between 20 and 40 years old and want to know how much is a BBL in Mexico is, we encourage you to find out from professionals. Also, if you experience loss of volume, lack of firmness, and visible cellulite, you can choose to undergo a treatment like this, as this process will help improve the shape, contour, and appearance of the buttocks.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift Mexico last?

A Brazilian butt lift Mexico is a permanent method, but everything will depend on the plastic surgeon’s skills, and the patient Brazilian Butt Mexico follows the care during the postoperative period. If both parties cooperate, the final effects can be expected to be favorable. Even if you lose weight, this will not affect the result.

After surgery, two areas of your body will require healing: the buttocks and where the fat was removed. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to follow all the recommendations the Health & Wellness Bazaar team provided. Rest assured that they will give you precise instructions regarding incisions and postoperative care so that your recovery is successful.

Once your buttocks have deflated, they will start to look, fitter. For this, it is essential to maintain a stable weight and a healthy diet since not doing so can compromise the final results of the procedure. Once the recovery process is over, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic body for years to come.

Care after surgery

Caring for a BBL in Mexico is vital to ensure positive and lasting results. However, be careful when selecting a plastic surgeon and don’t go for the cheapest one. Some patients often feel dissatisfied with the outcome because they went to inexperienced or unlicensed doctors.

Also, you should know that recovery plays a primary role. Most specialists advise avoiding putting pressure on the buttocks. This means sitting or sleeping on your back during the first weeks after the operation. So strictly follow the suggestions and you will get excellent long-term results.

The pressure on the newly grafted fat cells can damage their delicate membranes and cause them to be absorbed by the body. In turn, this pressure can cause the changes acquired from a Brazilian butt Mexico to be lost; therefore, it is prudent to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks for the fat cells to survive.

Other precautions you should take into account include:

  • Wear compression garments.
  • Don’t stretch unnecessarily.
  • Maintain a stable weight.
  • Avoid massaging the operated area.

Is it worth a Brazilian butt lift Mexico?

Definitely yes, as this treatment is meant to produce permanent effects. When you have successfully gone through the recovery process, the fat cells re-establish their blood supply, and the buttock augmentation becomes permanent. That means that over time you will be able to sit and lie down safely without worry because you will no longer be able to damage those cells.

It should be noted that if you lose a lot of weight after the procedure, you will only lose fat in other areas of the body, but your curves will remain unchanged. On the other hand, if you lose fat in the buttocks, don’t worry because it will be proportional, and your figure may even look more attractive than before the surgery.

To achieve fantastic results and make your surgery worth it, choose a plastic surgeon at Health & Wellness Bazaar, as this professional specializes in Brazilian butt lift Mexico and fat grafting and fat injections.

Get permanent results today

If you are looking for ways to add volume to your buttocks and make them more attractive, without a doubt, a fat transfer is a perfect solution. Through this treatment, you will achieve the results you have always wanted in your figure, but remember that the final effect will depend a lot on how you take care of your body after surgery.

Thanks to the most innovative methods, Health & Wellness Bazaar is committed to eliminating that annoying unwanted fat from the abdomen or thighs and transferring it to the buttocks. Contact a team member today, and we’ll give you the personalized attention you need. Call us at (858) 779-2552 or email us at

Brazilian butt lift Mexico

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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