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Enhance Your Beauty and Define Your Figure Through Modern Medical Procedures in Tijuana

23 April, 2021

Every time we look at the mirror, we want to make sure that appearance is tidy and aesthetic. Regardless of our age or personal preference, we all want to look our best both in professional and social settings. Moreover, social media and video conferences have made us more conscious of our appearance. Therefore, if you feel that your facial o body appearance can use some enhancement to bring out your inner and outer beauty, take heart because the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana are world-class experts in proving remarkable results in this field.

In general, our image is our letter of introduction. It opens the door to many opportunities and new projects. Plastic or cosmetic surgery is an excellent option if you want to have a more rejuvenated appearance and reverse the aging process. Besides, plastic surgeons in Tijuana are experts in highlighting your best facial and body features appearance. As a result, your overall appearance can be aesthetic while enhancing the features that make you unique and beautiful.

Furthermore, plastic surgeries can be used to correct a congenital malformation. That is why our plastic surgeons at plastic surgeons in Tijuana are highly certified physicians and cosmetic experts. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that such outstanding professionalism and quality are within the financial reach of anyone thanks to the exception medical tourism services provided by Health & Wellness Bazaar.

Most common plastic surgery treatments

On the other hand, Health & Wellness Bazaar has a wide variety of medical procedures and cosmetic solutions for practically all body areas.  If you wish to undergo a surgical procedure, the best option is plastic surgery in Tijuana since it’s remarkably close to the US and offers top-of-the-world facilities and technology.

For example, many wish to reverse the effects of the sun and aging that can cause skin sagging and wrinkles. Thankfully, it is possible to reverse such effects and have a youthful appearance thanks to facelift surgery. This surgery aims to stretch the skin and tighten the facial muscles, especially loose or wrinkled areas like the cheeks, chin, forehead, or neck.

If you want to have plastic surgery in Tijuana, it is vital to let your surgeon know your expectations. For example, many moms want to regain the figure they had before pregnancy and childbirth. That goal is possible thanks to mommy makeover surgery. This surgery combines a few plastic procedures for increased effectiveness. Thus, surgeons make it a priority to help moms have firm breasts and a flat and toned abdomen. In addition, fat can be removed, if necessary, from the hip and abdomen.

Tummy Tuck is a modern procedure that is part of a Mommy Makeover or a single procedure for anyone. Who are the best candidates for this surgery? Most people undergo this exceptional procedure after trying for a long time to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Yet, they may have sagging skin or unaesthetic look in the abdomen area. However, surgeons remove excess loose skin and tighten the weakened abdominal muscles thanks to this surgical procedure.

Therefore, a tummy tuck surgery achieves a flatter, more sculpted abdomen, taking years off your appearance. As a result, patients are able to regain or increase their self-confidence.

It is essential to point out, however, that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery like a gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Such a procedure helps patients lose weight quickly and safely. Hence, this bariatric procedure provides incredible benefits to obese patients and those with obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

How can such a procedure achieve such remarkable results? A bariatric surgeon extracts 60 to 80% of the stomach in order to make the patient feel satisfied with significantly less food. To achieve even greater results, patients are recommended to exercise and eat a healthy diet in the long term.  In this way, former obese patients have been able to turn their lives around and reduce or cut medication altogether to treat conditions, as mentioned before. Besides, they can significantly reduce the risk of developing other more serious diseases such as cancer, stroke, and liver disease.

How to prepare for a plastic surgery

After a detailed consultation and evaluation (some of which are performed via video conference), your cosmetic specialist will help you determine which procedure works best for you. The surgeon will consider what your most important needs are, and, of course, he will let you know what the realistic expectations are following the procedure. It is essential that you listen to his recommendations to achieve the best possible results and an incredible outcome.

Of course, undergoing plastic surgery should be a personal choice. Once you have decided which procedure or procedures you wish to undergo, a Health & Wellness Bazaar’s agent will help you get an all-inclusive package and financial aid if you need it, so your medical journey to Tijuana is both comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, they make sure there’s always open and fluent communication with everyone involved, especially, of course, with your plastic surgeons in Tijuana.

On the other hand, many plastic surgeons in Tijuana generally recommend patients eat healthy during the week prior to their surgery and stay very well hydrated. Particularly, they should avoid food and drinks with high sugar content and meals with saturated fats. If you smoke, it would be best to avoid it during the recovery period to ensure a faster and more effective healing process.

Benefits of having plastic surgery with professional surgeons in Tijuana

Naturally, any kind of surgery carries risks. However, undergoing a medical procedure with experienced surgeons and medical experts in Tijuana is safe, and it offers one the medical tourism destination with the highest success rate in the world. Our plastic surgery team at Health & Wellness Bazaar is committed to providing beautiful results that exceed our patients’ expectations and allow them to feel comfortable and confident every step of their journey.

Moreover, many experts have found that undergoing surgical procedures in Tijuana reduces anxiety and increases self-esteem.

Would you like to experience such results and experience yourself? Schedule a free consultation or informative session with one a Health & Wellness Bazaar’s medical expert and patient advocate at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].

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