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Feel Pretty With Breast Implants

6 June, 2021

Have you noticed that almost every time we dare to live new experiences, our life is enriched? The truth is that whenever we do something for the first time, we experience a feeling of excitement and a bit of tension at the same time. Such a feeling is completely normal because you are about to take a big step, which will most likely become one of the best decisions of your life. Consequently, if this is the first time you are thinking about getting breast implants Mexico, we want to help you clear your doubts and ease any concerns.

What is a breast implant procedure?

Breast implants Mexico is a surgical procedure called mammoplasty in the medical field. Its goal is to increase the size and provide aesthetic enhancement of a woman’s breast. To do so, a plastic surgeon places implants in a strategic area of ​​the breast to obtain the desired volume and size.

Many women undergo this plastic surgery in Tijuana for various reasons depending on their wishes and needs. These are some of the most common reasons to experience the results of a  mammoplasty:

  • Aesthetics and beauty. – Every woman is continuously searching to improve her body’s appearance and look good regardless of age.
  • Increasing one’s self-esteem. – For some women, the size or shape of their breasts prevents them from performing better in the workplace, socially, and in personal relationships. If that is your case, breast implants Mexico can help you regain confidence.
  • Repair the effects of breastfeeding. – Most mothers have experienced a significant change in their breasts after pregnancy, such as loss of firmness and sagging breasts. Thus, this procedure reverses such effects and provides a youthful look.
  • Medical reasons. – Those who suffer from a congenital deformation or have undergone a mastectomy for cancer may choose to correct and improve their appearance through this modern cosmetic procure.

What type of implants are there?

According to various shapes, textures, and materials, these are the most common types of breast implants Mexico. These are the most used by shape:

⮚ Round. They maintain a more spherical shape, and it is the most widely used implant worldwide by specialists. It usually provides greater volume to the breast without the risk of a change in appearance due to rotation.

⮚ Anatomical. These typically have a teardrop-shaped appearance. They have the objective of bringing the shape closer to a natural breast.

Texture. Implant covers are designed with slight variations, depending on brand and need, to promote durability and ensure the implant remains in place.

⮚ Soft. It is the classic model in which the external part of the implant is completely smooth and soft.

⮚ Micro-textured. Some implant brands have this feature with a slight difference in the relief of the implant.

⮚ Textured. These implants are designed to facilitate the adhesion of the material with the body tissue and reduce the implant rotation within the breast.


⮚ Gel or Silicone. Made entirely of silicone. In this type of implant, the density of the gel can vary, providing various degrees of firmness. It is the material that specialists choose most frequently since its main advantage is the natural appearance it provides.

⮚ Physiological serum. It usually has a gel cover and a saline filling. In addition to the low cost, for many people, it is practical because if it breaks down over the years, the serum can be absorbed by the body without causing damage, and only the remaining covering will be replenished.

⮚ Polyurethane. They have an outer layer of polyurethane and are filled with gel or silicone. This layer gives it a firm and harder texture than the others, and as the months go by, it gives way to a softer sensation.

Breats sizes – Breast Implants Mexico

Before undergoing a procedure of breast implants Mexico, undoubtedly, one of your main expectations focuses on the ideal size. One important thing to know is that implants are classified differently from bras, which A, B, and C are the typical sizes. Instead, breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), that is, units of volume that can range between 125cc and 800cc. These have a height, a width, and a depth. Therefore the more cubic centimeters you have, the more volume it will add to your breasts.

How to choose the right Breast Implants Mexico?

When you choose Health & Wellness Bazaar, you are choosing the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who will help you decide which size and type of implant are optimal to meet your expectations. For each case, the size will be different. It will depend on your height, the width of your chest, and your current chest size. During the consultation, you will be able to measure your implants and look in the mirror to get a picture of how you look like with them. Then, together with your surgeon, you can find the perfect size for you.

Are breast implants Mexico for life?

Another big question that can come up is the durability of the results or if the implants will need to be replaced eventually. That is why you will be happy to know that breast implants do not have a fixed expiration date. They can even have a useful life of up to 35 years. Technological advances in recent years have made it possible to create increasingly durable and high-quality implants, reducing wear and tear and the risk of breakage.

Something that will help you maintain the results for longer is that you go for regular check-ups after undergoing plastic surgery in Mexico. In this way, your surgeon can ensure that everything is in place and factors that do not compromise the implant’s life can be prevented.

The age at which the implant was performed is also important. If you are between 18 and 25 years old, you will likely want another intervention to replace or even modify the size of your implant over the years. On the other hand, if you have a breast implant at an advanced age, you may not need any further intervention in the future.

At what age can it be performed?

The FDA recommends that these types of surgeries not be performed before the age of 18 at least. Yet, there are some exceptions for a good cause—for example, a breast reconstruction resulting from an accident or sickness, which can be performed with the consent of the legal guardians. In addition, if you are a young woman, you should remember that breasts can continue to develop between the ages of 20 and 24, so you may choose to wait until they are past that age.

Without a doubt, plastic surgery can be a wise decision to improve your health and appearance. But what if you haven’t decided yet if you will have children? You don’t have to worry as the implants are placed in a way that allows you to enjoy the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Besides, the implant is almost unlikely to be damaged, so this will not prevent you from breastfeeding your baby. Of course, it is recommended that you wait between 9 and 12 months before planning a pregnancy if you have a breast implant.

Movie star appearance at an affordable cost

Some think that only TV stars or models can afford such luxuries. However, they are often surprised to learn that having breast implants Mexico is easier to have world-class treatments than they imagined. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are known for providing safe, high-quality, and very affordable prices. Our all-inclusive packages can save you up to 80% in similar procedures in the best hospitals in the US  while enjoying incredible destinations in Mexico.

Feel free to ask let us know your questions and schedule a free consultation at (858) – 779-2552 or by email at [email protected]. We will be delighted to help you feel pretty with your new and fantastic breasts.

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