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Gastric Sleeve in Mexico: 10 Thoughts That Prevent You From Losing Weight

4 November, 2022

For many of us, thoughts have the power to change our reality. Positive reviews can motivate, drive, and even draw strength where you thought there was none to achieve a goal. And those that have studied human behavior know how powerful this is. And experiences of people who have excelled in sports and businesses or got a gastric sleeve in Mexico are proof of this.

On the other hand, negative thoughts can manage to do the opposite. Poorly focused thinking can shatter hopes, cause you to lose interest, or prevent you from achieving your goals. The brain usually forms thought patterns, whether positive or negative. And this, in turn, creates behavioral habits. So, your mind can play in your favor or against you when proposing to lose weight. But is there a way to improve our thoughts in this area?

10 Types of Thoughts That Sabotage Your Goals

  • “I’m sick of dieting. I will start next Monday again.

Hate dieting? Do you consider dieting a sacrifice? Then you need to change your viewpoint of food. We diet every day since this term means the action of daily eating. So, there are bad diets based on junk foods and healthy diets. The goal of undergoing a gastric sleeve in Mexico is to guide patients to acquire new eating habits and learn to enjoy foods that prevent them from gaining weight instead of seeing it as a punishment.

  •  “Eating junk food will make me feel better.

Emotional eating is one of the main factors that lead to obesity. Using food to relieve negative emotions such as sadness, stress, or anger can lead a person to ingest large amounts of food without thinking. This emotional eating is a negative outlet for emotions; it is necessary to work on emotional health to learn to deal with these feelings effectively and positively.

  • “I will never be able to lose weight, and I will always be obese.

This pessimistic idea can be the product of low self-esteem, failed attempts in the past, or lack of self-confidence. It generates a sense of limiting without hope. But ask yourself, what would you say to a good friend if they were in the same situation? Would the same apply to you? Why don’t you try to change the “never” for a “maybe” or by thinking, “this time may be different.” Also, get help and support from experts in weight loss surgery in Mexico and ask them to give you a realistic opinion of what you can achieve.

  •  “It’s okay if I eat a little more.

One more slice, an extra dessert, one more snack… I just can’t say no. This struggle to deny unhealthy food is a sign of a lack of self-control or not having the ability to say no to what you know is not beneficial for you. And, of course, the effect will not be immediate, but if in your day-to-day you let yourself be carried away by complacency, then in a few weeks, the scale will show little by little that weight.

  • “Ill will start a diet tomorrow.

Did you know that motivation precedes action? You may find it challenging to start something if you don’t feel motivated, but this can lead you to postpone your goals again and again. So “tomorrow” can become weeks, months, or years without starting a change. Those who want to lose weight through a gastric sleeve in Mexico must be determined to commit themselves to acquiring new habits.

  • “My progress is not like others; I am doing it wrong.

Did you start your process alongside another friend or family member but don’t see the same results? The experience of others can be motivating; however, a balance must be exercised so that it does not become a competition. Comparing yourself too much can frustrate you if the results are different. Remember that even if two people undergo the same bariatric surgery in Mexico, each will have its process.

  •  “Obesity is in my genetics, and I can’t do anything.

True, genetics can influence your physical complexion. However, other factors besides genetics influence our weight for the healthy or unhealthy. That is, if your family has a tendency to become obese, this does not mean you are condemned to suffer from it. In addition to bariatric surgeries, making changes in exercise, regular exercise, and healthy eating can help you regulate your weight.

  • “I dieted a week and didn’t see any results.

If you are one of those, who weigh yourself daily, expecting to see a drastic change, you will only get discouraged and sabotage your efforts. Some specialists even recommend avoiding this habit for long periods. When undergoing bariatric surgery, you should remember that weight loss is progressive. You will see the final results after a year or a half, during which your follow-up doctor will help you evaluate your progress from a medical standpoint.

  • “I have already lost pounds; I deserve to reward myself with some calories.

If you have already undergone weight loss surgery in Mexico, you will see significant changes in your weight loss over the months. So, you will gain confidence and feel motivated. But it is necessary to maintain control since there are those who, a few months or years after reaching their goal of losing pounds, begin to give themselves freedoms that have led them to regain the weight.

  •  “I’m not cut out for this”

The reality is that the path to weight loss isn’t always easy. In the process, bariatric patients may face obstacles during the adaptation process or even feel stagnant. These setbacks are part of the process. But you don’t have to feel defeated. Many have found it helpful to be part of a support group and benefit from the experience of those who have gone through the process.


Is losing weight just a matter of attitude?

As we have already seen, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is essential to avoid failure when we want to lose weight. But one reality is that a good attitude is not everything. Those who undergo a gastric sleeve in Mexico know that it is necessary to acquire a realistic point of view of their situation in the face of obesity, and, in many cases, the help of a specialist in the process is required.

Bariatric surgery is effective since it helps patients physically avoid eating large portions of food. Thanks to this, many have improved their health and appearance, self-esteem, self-confidence, and emotional health.

Lose weight effectively thanks to gastric sleeve in Mexico

Losing weight can be challenging. However, it can undoubtedly change not only your physical condition and mind but it is a change that transforms lives completely. The gastric sleeve in Mexico has been a method that has managed to overcome obstacles that interfere with weight loss and improve the lives of many. Contact the best bariatric specialists via email at or call 858 779 2252 and start a new lifestyle.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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