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Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Guide: Food Portions

6 May, 2022

Do you have trouble controlling the portions you eat? Did you know that gastric sleeve in Tijuana can make it easier for you to change this habit? It’s as simple as that! This fantastic procedure has been effective in helping those suffering from obesity to change their eating habits, even adjusting the amounts to achieve faster weight loss.

Different alternatives with the same goal: weight loss

Although today there are various methods to lose weight loss, people with obesity struggle with common challenges, such as changing their habits. Those who decide to undergo a surgical procedure such as the gastric sleeve in Mexico obtain some unique advantages. For example, reducing the stomach size by up to 85% leads to much smaller food portions sooner.

Simply having less storage capacity makes it easier for people to eat less. But that’s not all; there are also internal changes. For example, the production of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin is reduced. That makes it easier to achieve a feeling of satiety after each meal. Next, we will talk about some bariatric eating style tips, which are effective and can be useful in multiple situations.

Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – What you should know about food portions

At the Mexico Bariatric Center, we know that if you want to make permanent changes in your eating style, the first step is to approach nutrition specialists who can help you make the changes safely. As a result, you will avoid nutritional imbalances, and you will be able to learn what type of food to include in each meal so that your diet is balanced. You may receive specific recommendations based on your personal circumstances.

Consider the following factors when determining food portions:

  1. Small but substantial portions
  2. 3 meals a day
  3. Prioritize protein
  4. Half of the plate should contain vegetables
  5. Make your meals balanced
  6. Avoid foods with no nutritional value
  • Small but substantial portions

Servings can depend on whether you are a woman, or a man, how active you are during the day, your age, and a few other factors. You also have to take into account the carbohydrate count and that the portion of proteins, fruits, grains, and vegetables are measured in different amounts. With the help of your nutritionist, you will be able to know what the necessary ratio for each case is. For example, the indicated portion for bariatric patients in the regular stage is 4 to 6 ounces per meal, balancing healthy foods.

  • 3 meals a day

Experts recommend that adults eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to including 2 small, interspersed snacks. After a gastric sleeve in Tijuana, the process can be different from the first week; patients have a special diet in which they can eat up to 6 times a day in small portions. However, the goal is to establish 3 meals a day eventually.

  • Prioritize protein

If you want to avoid nutrition problems, it is crucial to prioritize proteins. Like ground beef, chicken, fish, or other lean meats, that is, those containing a low-fat level. You can also include vegetables and some types of carbohydrates. However, when it comes to eating, try to eat protein first, especially in stages where weight loss is important, as this will maintain adequate energy levels and increase satiety.

  • Half of the plate should contain vegetables

This is a general recommendation that serves as a guide for some. Although it is vital to give importance to proteins, this does not mean that you only must focus on this group of foods. It is also necessary to include enough greens and vegetables in salads or just steamed. In the case of those going through a bariatric process, it is recommended to temporarily avoid fibrous vegetables since the new stomach will assimilate them little by little.

  • Make your meals balanced

Losing weight loss doesn’t have to be too restrictive in your diet. Those who undergo a gastric sleeve in Mexico aim to follow a diet and change their eating style. Over time, this will allow them to eat everything, that is, cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and even desserts. The idea is to learn to eat in the right amounts and with the right frequency.

  • Avoid foods with no nutritional value

Don’t be tempted to turn to fast food or junk food as your main source of nutrition. Although these foods will certainly fill you up, they will not provide any nutritional benefits. On the contrary, they are usually loaded with saturated fats and calories, making you gain weight quickly. So, it is better to prevent situations and have something healthy on hand.

Gastric sleeve in Tijuana – 3 Practical tips to make the most of each portion of food

Making minor adjustments to the way you eat can go a long way. Those who have had a gastric sleeve in Tijuana and have followed these recommendations from specialists have managed to experience better short- and long-term effects. These tips are practical for those who want to lose weight and form a better quality of life.

  • Eat slowly

A common problem for people with obesity is eating too quickly. Whether it’s anxiety or just habit, this can lead to overeating without thinking. However, try to get into the habit of having 30–40-minute time slots at each meal. It will allow you to be more aware of what you consume, enjoy each bite, and let your body assimilate little by little until you feel satisfied.

  • Chews correctly

Have you ever wondered how many times we should chew a bite? Expert opinions indicate that ideally, we should eat between 10 and 40 times. Instead of swallowing, take small spoons to your mouth and chew slowly up to 40 times, especially if it is a protein or solid food. This has a positive effect because gas is reduced, there is greater salivation, and therefore, the stomach digests each food better.

  • Have fixed hours

Our body needs to have fixed schedules to eat, rest and feed. Therefore, this requires excellent planning of all daily and work activities. Overdoing it can be very dangerous when you want to lose weight, as it can cause anxiety and stress and lead you to eat desperately. Try to keep a gap of about 4 hours each time, and your last meal is at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Gastric sleeve in Tijuana – And the liquids?

For the proper functioning of the vital mechanisms of our body, it is necessary to stay well hydrated. That allows the blood to circulate properly, our metabolism to function efficiently, and the organs to receive the essential nutrients, to mention just a few of the many benefits.

Although there is no general rule, experts recommend drinking around 2 liters a day. The ideal is to drink natural water and avoid sugary drinks. These include energy drinks, sodas, juices, or other bottled products that contain added sugar. Instead, you can opt for sugar-free liquids that you can even make at home, such as popsicles, jam, tea, or coffee.

Those who undergo a gastric sleeve in Tijuana must progressively reach the goal of two liters per day since, after surgery, they start by drinking half a glass of water at each meal, and little by little, they can increase it. Patients should avoid drinking water at least 30 minutes before a meal as they may feel full faster, so it is best to drink water 30 minutes after each meal to complete your meal portion.

Lose weight progressively and steadily

The bariatric center in Mexico is designed with the aim of offering the best methods to lose weight to those who suffer from obesity. These alternatives have been tested and improved over time, and the best thing is that they are becoming more accessible to people. We invite you to learn about our network of specialists and the benefits of our process.

Be part of the great stories of overcoming gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Please email us at [email protected] or call (858) 779 2552 and tell us about yourself. We will gladly guide you on what you need to know to achieve the goal of losing weight permanently


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