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What Are the Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana?

13 July, 2022

Gastric sleeve in Tijuana

In just a few years, Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana has gained enormous popularity for being a less invasive procedure with a low rate of complications in the short, medium, and long term compared to other procedures.

After losing most or almost all of their excess weight, thanks to Bariatric Surgery, patients actually feel better, increase their confidence and self-esteem, and even gain years of life. However, to achieve satisfactory results, it is essential to follow the instructions and care of your Bariatric Surgeon and thus prevent or combat possible side effects. Next, we present what they are.

Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, gastric sleeve in Tijuana has advantages and disadvantages. However, when put on a balance, the positive aspects of making the decision to undergo such a procedure outweigh any negative elements.

Side effects can be classified as a short, medium, and long-term:

In the short and medium-term:

  • Hair loss
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Lack of energy
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Changes in bowel movements


  • Low tolerance for alcohol
  • Increased sensitivity to cold.
  • Slight alterations in the sense of taste

They can be classified into two types: those that are specific to the procedure and those that are a consequence of poor follow-up to the indications of your Bariatric Surgeon.

Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Decreased tolerance to alcohol. After gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach is much smaller and therefore more sensitive to this substance, so blood alcohol levels tend to rise much faster than before surgery. Consequently, it is recommended to avoid excessive consumption.

Looking at it from a healthy point of view, this could mean a considerable advantage: the lower your tolerance for alcohol, the less alcohol you can drink, which equals health. Think about it, a diet without alcohol will help you reach your goal of losing weight in the shortest possible time and save you a good amount of money.

Gastroesophageal reflux. It occurs when stomach acid or bile backs up the esophagus, causing irritation and pain in the chest. If you suffer from this disease and want to have a Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, you should go to a Mexico Bariatric Center to evaluate if you are a possible candidate or if you should consider another option such as a Gastric Bypass Mexico.

Why? Because Gastric Sleeve Surgery dramatically reduces the capacity of your stomach, making it difficult for stomach acid to stay in place. However, as the months go by, this side effect gradually decreases since your stomach will adapt better to its new dimensions as you lose weight.

Greater sensitivity to cold. Body fat is a natural insulator against low temperatures. Therefore, it is completely normal that after losing those extra pounds and losing a large amount of fat, you experience colder than usual.

And what is the solution? There is no specific treatment. Even so, wearing warm clothes, exercising regularly, and eating hot dishes and drinks will be your best ally during the cold season.

Preventable Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

This is where teamwork comes in: The bariatric surgeon in Mexico will be in charge of providing all the necessary tools and guiding the patient before, during, and after the intervention. In turn, the patient must adhere to his surgeon’s indications and suggestions for diet and lifestyle.

Unlike those mentioned above, the following side effects can be partially or fully prevented:

Hair loss. The main cause of hair loss is due to a drastic change in diet, but in most cases it could be the result of poor protein and nutrient intake. It affects about 30 to 40% of bariatric patients.

What should be done to prevent or combat hair loss? It is extremely important to follow the recommendations of your Bariatric Surgeon, who will provide you with the guidance you need on the type, quality, and quantity of food you should include in your diet. Likewise, you must punctually take the vitamins and/or food supplements prescribed by your surgeon.

Nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are two of the most common symptoms in patients undergoing major surgery. The good news is that these symptoms usually don’t last more than two or three days after surgery. However, in some cases, it could last longer.

Therefore, following your specialist’s instructions to the letter is essential to completely prevent this situation, such as eating slowly and calmly, chewing food well, and maintaining a proper diet. If the symptoms persist, it is advisable to return to your Mexico Bariatric Center to rule out any condition that requires medical attention.

Changes in bowel movements and diarrhea. In the first days after surgery, it is normal for the patient to have liquid or semi-pasty stools. The reason is simple: the body adapts to a new metabolism. Also, following a liquid-based diet makes it difficult for stools to have a solid consistency.

When the Bariatric Surgeon makes sure to provide all the necessary recommendations, and the patient strictly adheres to their postoperative diet, the chances of this situation lasting more than a couple of weeks are very low.

The real positive side effects of gastric sleeve surgery

After undergoing weight loss surgery at a Bariatric Center in Mexico, the vast majority of patients have experienced various side effects that they considered relevant to share with other people:

  • Now I can wear all the clothes I like
  • I no longer feel the constant worry of dying of a heart attack due to being overweight
  • I have managed to control or cure my diabetes
  • I feel more secure and confident in myself
  • I no longer spend thousands of dollars on medications for my chronic conditions
  • Now I see life differently, from another perspective
  • Since I lost weight, I have had more and better job opportunities
  • Knee, back, and neck pain are now a thing of the past
  • I feel more motivated and have more energy to play with my children
  • I feel happier than ever!

Now that you know the possible side effects, don’t forget to follow the guide, recommendations, and advice of your Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico before undergoing a Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana. In this way, the chances of achieving spectacular results will be even greater.

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