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Health Requirements to Undergo Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

30 August, 2021

Experts say that much of the success of any enterprise depends on good planning preparation. And in the medical field, this principle is frequently applied. Therefore, besides choosing the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, it is necessary to plan any procedure thoroughly to solve a problem or improve a body part, be it for an aesthetic or health purpose. Thus, an evaluation of certain requirements must be followed. That increases the chances of obtaining satisfactory results.

If you are thinking of undergoing plastic surgery in Mexico, you will surely want to know some of the general standards and requirements that doctors consider when evaluating whether a person is suitable or not for plastic surgery. Find out the answers in this article.

Motivation for surgery

Let’s start by talking about the motives or reasons why a person chooses to undergo plastic surgery. It can be classified as follows:

  • Reconstruction. – These are particular circumstances that practically force the patient to undergo a plastic procedure such as an accident, illness, or excess skin after bariatric surgery.
  • Correction. This is for those who have a congenital disability or have been victims of a bad surgical procedure, which can even affect the natural functioning of a body part. Therefore, an intervention by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico is necessary because they are experts and specialists with the highest credentials to reduce or even reverse such problems.
  • Aesthetics. The most common reason patients chose plastic surgery is the desire to feel better about themselves, gain confidence, or simply look spectacular. This surgery focuses on perfecting, improving, or enhancing the beauty of a specific physical feature.

Factors that increase risks – best plastic surgeons in Mexico

Before making this decision, it is necessary to be well informed about any possible risks in plastic surgery. The reality is that not everyone is a good candidate for surgery, as important factors can limit the chances of success or increase the risk of complications. Here are some possible limitations to be eligible for a plastic procedure:

  1. Use of Tobacco

Many doctors refuse to treat patients who are smokers, while others recommend quitting before surgery. The main reason is that when a patient uses tobacco or a similar drug, the risks can increase up to 300%. It has been proven that the presence of nicotine in the body can complicate healing, form clots, prevent good oxygenation of cells, among other adverse effects.

  1. Age

In most countries, the minimum age for plastic surgery is 18 years old. One of the reasons is that the body is expected to finish its stage of change and growth and be mentally prepared and secure. On the other hand, some doctors believe that surgeries can be performed with less risk before the age of 60, depending on each case. However, particular factors would make patience younger than 18 and older than 60 to be eligible for plastic surgery

  1. Nutrition

The physical and nutritional condition of the patient is of great importance. To cite an example, a young person with poor eating habits may present certain levels of anemia and decompensation, while an older person may be very healthy in that respect. Good health will not only avoid risks in the operating room but will help a fast and safe recovery.

  1. Obesity

Typically, people with obesity tend to develop other diseases that can lead to severe complications. Therefore, it may be recommended to lose a certain weight in some cases, or some choose to have bariatric surgery before plastic surgery. Some experts advise having a BMI below 35 or even 30.

  1. Other conditions

The best plastic surgeons in Mexico always make sure to have a complete patient’s medical history and preoperative tests to allow them to be aware of pre-existing conditions, such as heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, allergies, and more. This information will be vital to prevent risks and prioritize the well-being of the patient.

Can a person with diabetes undergo plastic surgery?

In most cases, it is possible. People with diabetes can be candidates for plastic surgery, although, of course, those with the disease are expected to maintain strict control over it. Additionally, they must have an appropriate weight and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Thus, their blood sugar levels stay within the permitted standards.

During the days prior to a plastic procedure, pre-operating room tests will reflect disease status and allow best plastic surgeons in Mexico to reassess and consider the patient’s condition. Therefore, they will ensure not to put your life at risk, and the level of complications is lower.

While it is true that a patient with diabetes has peculiar circumstances, by putting yourself in the hands of the experts at Health & Wellness Bazaar and opting for medical tourism in Mexico, you can be sure that you will also have specialized care during your procedure and after. That is vitally important as people with diabetes tend to have a slower healing process and are more prone to infections. Even so, with the correct care and by following medical indications, you can enjoy fantastic results!

Plastic surgery and blood pressure

Both diabetes and high blood pressure are now common diseases in a large part of the global population. Although none of these diseases is contraindicated for plastic surgery in Mexico, specific special care is indeed required. Blood pressure is defined as the force the blood uses in the arteries when the heart pumps.

The dangers of having blood pressure outside the normal standards during surgery can cause heart attacks, strokes, make anesthetic management difficult, and cause bleeding.

When patients have abnormal blood pressure levels, it is better to postpone surgery. Of course, it is always best to have it under control before and after undergoing any surgical intervention. Following a medical treatment and managing anxiety are elements that can prepare a patient for the big day.

Why is it important to tell your doctor about any medical conditions you have and the medications you take?

Currently, there are many cases in which the patient’s life has been put at risk because some people lie or hide important information about their health. Not only does this compromise result, but it can also be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Fot this reason having one the best plastic surgeons in Mexico is crucial.

The best plastic surgeons in Mexico will always strive to do their best work. But clear and frank communication with your doctor is vital to anticipating complications during and after surgery, especially when it comes to chronic diseases or consuming an alternative drug or substance. Sometimes certain elements can have adverse reactions with anesthesia, cause clotting problems, or some other effect mentioned above.

One of our primary goals is to help you experience the image and figure you expect and deserve safely and successfully. Remember that the success of any surgery is achieved by working as a team. The honesty, motivation, and commitment, along with the experience, top-quality, and professionalism of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, can help you achieve the results you have always wanted. Contact our Health & Wellness Bazaar experts today at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].

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