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How Soon Can You Be Active Again After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

9 April, 2022

If you are an active person considering a BBL in Tijuana, you are probably wondering how much downtime the surgery will require. Well, although a buttocks lift or augmentation surgery does require a waiting time, the recovery itself will depend on each patient and their individual needs.

It is essential to carry out the correct postoperative care in order to avoid damaging the newly transplanted fat cells and obtain a natural look and the desired effects. In this article, we will share valuable tips to remember after a buttock lift so the results are spectacular.

What should you do in the course of your recovery? BBL in Tijuana

If you want to achieve optimal results and have a smooth recovery, it is vital that you follow all of your plastic surgeon’s instructions closely. This way, you will know how soon you can resume your normal activities, being at work or exercising. In addition to that, you should follow these general guidelines:

  • Wear compression garments every day until instructed by your plastic surgeon in Mexico.
  • Avoid aerobic exercises and intense activities, especially those that include weights, because they can affect the gluteal area.
  • Be careful not to sit directly on your buttocks and try to sleep on your stomach.

What can you expect in the first few weeks?

After a Tijuana plastic surgery, minimizing daily activities and sports in the first weeks is necessary. Here is a timeline and the care you must take in order to have a remarkable recovery.

Week one and two. During the first two weeks, refrain from putting pressure on the buttocks. Sit only when absolutely necessary, and remember to use a soft cushion or pillow so that you do not apply direct pressure. When sleeping, try to lie on your side to avoid hurting the gluteal area. Also, something crucial: walk constantly. It will be a little hard, but it is essential. The reason? To avoid developing blood clots.

Week three. Some patients return to work after the third week. Starting this week, you will be able to do light exercises. We recommend focusing on weight training so that the new fat cells can stabilize and survive in the buttocks.

Week four and five. It will help if you continue using a cushion when sitting, especially for prolonged periods during these weeks. As for exercise, you can use a bike, walk at a faster pace, go swimming, or enjoy a day at the beach.

Week six to eight. Depending on how your body reacts to the plastic procedure, you may be able to return to more vigorous activities in these weeks. Because by now, your fat cells have stabilized, you will be able to withstand the impact of high-intensity exercises such as running, jogging, soccer, baseball, and basketball.

Benefits of exercising after a BBL in Tijuana

Once you have fully recovered from a BBL in Tijuana, it is vital that you lead a healthy lifestyle and incorporate regular exercise to achieve curvy buttocks. You must perform exercises focused on developing and preserving muscle mass, as these improve the shape of the buttocks, making them look more voluminous.

To tone your entire body, including strength exercises in our routine so your body and legs will be proportional to your buttocks. At first, you can try light walks, and over time you can increase the intensity by adding exercises like jumping jacks to your routines.

If you commit to a BBL in Tijuana, rest assured that you will reap excellent benefits in the short and long term. Not only will you maintain your correct weight, but also a great body with fabulous buttocks that you desire.

What care should you follow to preserve the result of buttock augmentation?

In order to maintain the shape of your buttocks, in addition to exercise, you should take into account other aspects, such as:

  • Balanced nutrition. If you combine diet with exercise, you will get a faster recovery. Try to eat healthy, reducing the consumption of sugars, fats, alcohol, and tobacco. Therefore, you will stay at the ideal size, and your buttocks will not lose their original shape.
  • Avoid sun exposure. Ideally, it would be best if you spent a year without direct sun exposure after surgery to avoid spotting and other skin complications.
  • Wear a compression girdle for six weeks. Using a girdle that fits you correctly and is made of suitable material will help your body adapt. It will also reduce swelling and promote skin correction and circulation.
  • Give yourself a massage. Once your surgeon authorizes it, you can perform massages to eliminate fluid retention, stimulate circulation and oxygenate the blood. That will prevent fat deposits from forming in unwanted areas.

Keep in mind that all the actions you carry out after a buttock lift must be authorized by your specialist to avoid future complications.

Improve your figure with a BBL in Tijuana!

Most patients have achieved more attractive curves with a BBL in Tijuana thanks to medical tourism in Mexico, which offers quality treatments at very affordable prices. A buttock augmentation doesn’t have to be unattainable. You can improve your figure forever today!

You have the right to feel happy with your curves and enjoy them. Just remember to maintain a stable weight throughout the exercise. Why? Because if you lose or gain weight, it will affect your final result.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, our priority is to listen to you and exceed your expectations. For this reason, we offer you the best professional experience under a framework of security and trust. If you want to know the different options for a buttock lift, do not hesitate to contact us at (858) 779-2552 or email us at

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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