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How to Care for the Surgery Wound at Home?

21 November, 2020

Plastic surgery is the beginning of improving the way you feel and giving a fantastic new look. Yet, recovery does not end when you leave the operating room. Like any other type of surgery, plastic surgery wound care is necessary. Wounds must be evaluated by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. Failure to treat these wounds in a correct and timely manner could lead to complications.

To guarantee the surgery’s success, the patient must prepare his body by taking care of it both before and after the intervention. Starting to take care of yourself months in advance will help your wound heal faster. On the other hand, if the patient ignores the surgeon’s recommendations on how to take care of himself, certain complications may appear.

The most common complications of plastic surgery in Mexico are infections, increased inflammation, and even reopening of the incisions. Also, taking certain medications and supplements can be counterproductive as they slow down the healing process. An example of this is aspirin. In fact, some unprescribed medications can even increase bleeding and bruising. It is advisable to have the consent of your doctor to take any medication.

What happens after plastic surgery?

The first 24 hours after the intervention are the most difficult. During these hours is where the most significant discomfort occurs and where there should be more carefulness. Start by adhering closely to the schedule to consume the prescribed medications. Failure to do so can lead to dizziness, fainting, and increased pain.

An alternative to reduce pain is to apply cold compressed because it has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, to apply cold compresses in the surgery area, it is necessary to have the doctor’s authorization.

Also, any kind of sudden movement should be limited. Even sneezing or pushing can cause bleeding. Nonetheless, being at rest throughout most of the day increases the risk of developing lung and vascular problems. Therefore, it is advisable to take short and gentle walks, with the help of a person during the first days.

On the other hand, the patient should avoid spending too much time in places with high temperatures since heat can lower blood pressure. In the event that the patient’s room has this problem, it could be solved by opening windows and doors or use A.C. to balance the temperature and avoid fainting.

The first weeks after plastic surgery

During the first week, care remains focused on reducing any risk of complications that may arise using techniques to control inflammation and pain. This week the practice of any sport should be moderate. However, in other surgeries such as breast implants in Mexico, handling or lifting heavy objects should be avoided.

In the next few weeks, home care treatments aim to speed up recovery to achieve the most optimal results and return to your daily activities. Therefore, it is advisable to accompany the treatment with adequate rest and relaxation.

Additionally, nutrition plays an essential role in wound healing, collagen production, and the generation of new blood vessels. Another key point is hydration, and this is not only acquired by drinking water. If not when ingesting some liquid, for example, in broths.

During evaluations, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico must ensure that the patient has enough vitamins and proteins. Other essential foods for recovery are fatty fish and vegetables. Some foods contain macronutrients that have an additional value since they fight inflammation. In the case of orange and garlic, they help maintain good blood circulation, favoring the entry of oxygen and nutrients into the tissues.

In the first 2 months, you need to be careful about sun exposure to avoid the effect of blackening the scar area. However, if it is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun due to your current circumstances, it is advisable to cover the scar or use highly protective sunscreen.

The success of a rhinoplasty

Once you return home after rhinoplasty, you must take care of the bandages’ cleanliness to avoid any infection. Also, apply cold cloths to cool the area to reduce inflammation and avoid touching the wound or putting objects in the nostrils. And stay at rest, in the first days avoid making unnecessary physical efforts.

There is even the correct way to maintain rest. The upper part of the body should remain slightly elevated, especially the head. Otherwise, the sutures will be pressed, and the inflammation will increase.

Another critical aspect to keep in mind after having any type of rhinoplasty is not to eat foods that are too hot or that require a lot of chewing. Altogether, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, especially in the first 2 weeks. Also, avoid tobacco use.

It is crucial for the postoperative period not to blow your nose. And if you have to sneeze, do it with your mouth open. It is also recommended that during the first 10 days you try to speak as little as possible. It is recommended not to make gestures with your face or make the smallest possible gestures. Do not laugh or cry as they would only cause problems in healing.

It is normal that during the first few days, bruises appear on the face, as well as minimal bleeding, headaches, and perhaps some nasal congestion. However, they are side effects that you should not worry about; they will disappear as the days go by.

As for personal hygiene, you can shower normally, just being careful not to wet the area around the nose. And when you wash your face, it is best to do it with cold water. On the other hand, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you will not be able to wear them until your doctor says it is okay.

After the first month after the operation, the final results will begin to be seen. After this time, you can only carry out your everyday life following specific recommendations. It is essential that you continue the following months without exposing yourself too much to the sun, avoiding sudden movements, and consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking so as not to slow down the healing of the tissues.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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