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Plastic Surgery In Mexico – Does It Influence The Current Beauty Canon?

1 November, 2022

Undergoing plastic surgery in Mexico is a growing trend. Modern medicine offers a wide variety of aesthetic and reconstructive treatments at competitive and affordable prices. So much so that many patients from other parts of the world make Mexico their favorite place to undergo plastic surgery for health or aesthetic reasons.

Why do people get plastic surgeries today? Many patients undergo procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implants, rhinoplasty, male enhancement, etc. It is said that “the most recurrent reasons why people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery are social pressure, the demands of the partner, biological factors, or advancing current beauty parameters.”

Many people decide to go to the aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery consultation, asking to highlight their natural beauty. It is well known that a satisfactory result of the technique improves a person’s beauty and increases self-esteem and mood. For all these reasons, it is essential to put yourself in the hands of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, who will do everything possible to achieve the beauty parameters you want.


Plastic Surgery in Mexico: adapting to the different canons of beauty

Unsurprisingly, beauty standards vary by region and culture. For example, North Americans and Europeans seek to improve their physical appearance through a rhinoplasty procedure where the nose sits relatively high on the face. At the same time, Brazilians prefer to have their noses lowered.

Plastic surgeons that perform the different types of nose rhinoplasty should pay attention to the various concepts of beauty, keeping in mind that these can change depending on the place and culture. In this way, they will be able to adapt to the most appropriate technique according to each patient’s expectations, just as our plastic surgeons at Health & Wellness Bazaar do.

What about breast size? How does a plastic surgeon choose or recommend the perfect size for a breast augmentation or reduction? There are several determining factors, such as the desires of the patient, as well as her height and weight.

However, it is not simply a question of volume. A more three-dimensional concept guides experienced surgeons. They consider the surgery from a concept of breast remodeling, increasing or decreasing the size of the breasts, taking into account the anatomy and the measurements of each patient’s breasts and chest area.

As for the canon of facial beauty, work is commonly done to achieve full but not excessively full lips, well-defined angles at the jaw (mandibular arch, facial oval), and excellent volume and symmetry in the cheekbones while emphasizing smooth and hydrated skin in addition to minimizing facial wrinkles to the maximum through aesthetic treatments such as a facelift in Mexico.


Plastic surgery in Mexico: influenced by the media and fashion?

Different media, such as the internet and social networks, set trends. We live in the age of technology in which it is straightforward to see a large amount of information, such as an image, a silhouette, a shape, or a new morphology, and if the viewer likes it, it is what they will seek to obtain.

It is very evident that changes in the canon of beauty influence most plastic surgeries. In the 1990s, breast augmentation was as standard as now, but the implants were tiny. Over the years, the volume has doubled, partly due to the TV series. As a result, plastic surgeries seek to achieve the maximum possible beauty according to stereotypes used as a reference.

However, stereotypes of beauty have been changing throughout history. For example, body contouring surgeries have been in flux for decades, especially fixing scars from tummy tucks and breast augmentation surgeries.


Plastic surgery in Mexico and the current beauty canon

If we talk about the everyday beauty canon, we can talk about men and women who care for their bodies and figure. Models must have specific measurements that define the chest, waist, and hips and move away from the appearance of women of the previous century.

To give us an idea of ​​the feminine beauty canon implanted at the beginning of this century, we will highlight the fashion icon, Kate Moss. She was a muse and source of inspiration for designers and the public at the beginning of the century.

It is vital to have the necessary care and effort to achieve it to obtain the figure we dream of. It is essential to start with a healthy lifestyle. Still, currently, we have the possibility of being able to resort to a network of medical tourism such as Health & Wellness Bazaar to change or improve what we do not like about our physique.

Plastic surgery in Mexico is a process that more and more people use to feel good about their appearance and strengthen their security and well-being with themselves. Today’s man cares about the image he projects, eats healthy, and exercises to keep fit. Each muscle of their body must be appreciated; therefore, they include going to the gym or playing sports in their schedule. Despite all this effort, many men are turning to plastic surgery to get a touch-up if necessary.

The concept of a muscular and masculine man does not imply that he is someone careless. Hair transplant is also significant for men today, as well as moisturizing and rejuvenating creams and treatments that make their skin look more luminous.

One of the most demanded surgeries among men is a tummy tuck, a surgical procedure that guarantees a perfect and toned abdomen, a symbol of masculinity. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, you can get the fantastic medical benefits of a tummy tuck in Mexico.


Do not stay out of the current beauty canon with Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Plastic surgery in Mexico can reshape your physical appearance and self-image, bringing you closer to today’s standard of beauty. Not only will you improve your physical appearance, but your emotional well-being will also improve considerably.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we want you to be included in the current beauty canon so that you feel fulfilled. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling (858)779-2552 or writing to us at [email protected].

Plastic Surgery In Mexico


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