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Will Your BMI Affect The Results of Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

17 August, 2022

Have you ever been told that you are too heavy to undergo plastic surgery in Mexico? Many patients are concerned and disappointed to hear such news since what they want most is to lose weight and improve their lives through a surgical procedure. While this is medically correct, you should know that with a comprehensive plan provided by your surgeon, you can achieve an appropriate BMI for your desired result.

If you want to know how to be prepared for surgery, in this blog, we will tell you why BMI is so important when undergoing Plastic surgery in Mexico. After reading, you will understand the risks and be aware of what the surgery will require to make a wise decision.

Plastic surgery in Mexico – Do you know why it is crucial to know your BMI?

Knowing your BMI (Body Mass Index) well lets you know your health in general. For example, if a person has a BMI greater than 24.9%, they are considered overweight, whereas if they have a BMI of 30% or greater, they meet the criteria for obesity.

Thin people are almost always the healthiest and have the fewest health risks. However, this is relative because being thin does not always mean that you are in good health since health is not optimal if the patient is underweight or, on the contrary, overweight.

Therefore, the ideal is to be within the established BMI range. Here are some examples:

  1. Under 18.5 — Underweight
  2. 18.5 to 25 — Normal weight
  3. More than 25 — Overweight
  4. Being over 30 — Obesity

A healthy BMI has been shown to reduce cancer risk, among other chronic diseases.

Why should BMI be lowered before plastic surgery in Mexico?

When a patient is taking steps toward plastic surgery in Mexico, she should know that she will only get fantastic results if she is the right weight. Failure to reduce body mass index can have a negative impact on plastic surgery.

Overweight people are at higher risk for degenerative diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart problems. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that excess weight not only affects the procedure’s outcome but also increases the risks and complications.

Consequently, healthy weight before surgery increases the chances of achieving positive results. Therefore, talking to your plastic surgeon in Mexico about your BMI is an essential topic you cannot ignore to ensure a positive long-term experience.

What are the risks of undergoing Plastic surgery in Mexico with obesity?

A high BMI can have severe consequences during and after surgery. Here are some of the more common risks:

  • Weak immune system. The higher the body weight, the weaker the immune system, making a recovery
  • Poor Poor healing leads to delayed recovery, wound breakdown, and the possibility of revision surgery.
  • Security risk. Excess skin threatens the patient’s life in the operating room, causing postoperative pain, infection, inflammation, and bruising.
  • Reduced healthy mental state. Obesity almost always causes depression and anxiety, among other mental disorders. Therefore, undergoing surgery while being overweight can further aggravate your mental condition, as you will not get the desired effects.

How can BMI affect the results of a tummy tuck?

Undergoing a tummy tuck in Mexico can help you reduce excess skin and achieve a stunning physical appearance. However, a BMI greater than 40 is not ideal for this procedure since the patient’s life can be put at risk because there would be surgical risks, and the desired result would be affected.

On the other hand, there may be a higher risk of patient dissatisfaction with the final result of the surgery. This is because weight loss becomes apparent over time, which would mean more loose skin and second revision surgery.

To avoid these complications and achieve the best effect, we suggest you be close to your weight before plastic surgery in Mexico or have a BMI below 34.5. If you have doubts, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we will help you clarify any concerns and achieve your weight range for a tummy tuck in Mexico.

Tips to help you lose weight before your Plastic surgery in Mexico

To maintain a healthy BMI, you must change your eating habits and combine them with physical exercise. Here are some excellent tips to lose weight happily before plastic surgery in Mexico.

Reduce sugar. High-sugar foods affect the immune system and make the body more vulnerable. So, the idea is to avoid glucose, fructose, and sugar, preventing insulin resistance.

Avoid skipping meals. This habit is not an excellent way to lose weight. You will run out of energy in your activities. Going long periods without eating makes the body save energy by slowing down the metabolism process and increasing insulin.

Try to sleep well. Getting enough sleep helps regulate digestion and metabolism. Instead, getting less sleep leads to weight gain and emotional eating.

Avoid salty foods. Salty foods cause fluid retention, leading to high blood pressure and bloating.

Plan your meals. If possible, prepare meals with a minimum of salt to be healthy and light. Also, use small plates to eat limited portions and remember to eat slowly.

Do strength exercises. Performing strength exercises will give you a firmer body and increase your muscles. You can combine different exercises like cardio with the strength to improve your overall metabolism rate.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and help you gradually lose weight. It will help you decrease your calorie intake. Eat water-rich foods like tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, bananas, etc.

Eat fiber. Eating high-fiber foods like avocados, pears, papayas, or coconuts can help you feel full throughout the day.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we help you to be prepared for surgery

It is essential to understand that BMI can affect the results of plastic surgery in Mexico and complicate it. Still, if you commit to your procedure and follow the advice of plastic surgeons in Mexico, you can be sure of spectacular results. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we understand the challenges of managing weight and maintaining a healthy BMI.

When talking about weight, we treat it with empathy, unlike many surgeons who don’t have good manners and simply say “too fat.” If you’d like us to help you lose weight and get your BMI under control for plastic surgery in Mexico, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Health & Wellness Bazaar advisors today. Book a consultation by calling (858) 779-2552 or emailing us at [email protected].


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