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What Can Go Wrong in a Rhinoplasty in Mexico?

7 September, 2022

“The nose is there to manifest the character of the face,” Leonardo da Vinci once said. And it is that this is an integral part of the face for many reasons. In addition to being the main door of the respiratory system, it is also capable of making delicate or rough the other features of a person. For this reason, many consider undergoing rhinoplasty in Mexico.

But is it a safe surgery? What risks does it involve? Are the results guaranteed? What can you expect from this aesthetic treatment? Today we will talk about what very few dare to talk about: what can go wrong in a rhinoplasty. But we will also explain what measures can reduce complications and how you can be prepared. These are our subheadings:

  • How safe is rhinoplasty?
  • What can go wrong in rhinoplasty?
  • How to prepare for nose surgery?
  • Best Recommendation: Find a Board-Certified Surgeon

How safe is Rhinoplasty in Mexico?

In recent years, rhinoplasty has remained among the 5 most performed plastic surgeries worldwide. Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, this surgery offers high levels of satisfaction and can open up great opportunities for those who undergo it. That is why this surgery is common in men and women of all ages, although there is a greater tendency in young people.

Now, the nose job in Mexico involves not only external alterations but at the level of the cartilage and nasal bone. So, it has its level of complexity and, therefore, its risks. Most surgeries are performed without a problem. Even so, some studies indicate that about 10% of them may have some complications.

What can go wrong in Rhinoplasty in Mexico?

Rhinoplasty in Mexico aims not only to improve the facial harmony and aesthetics of the nose but can also help correct other problems caused by defects in the structure of the nose. However, a poorly performed rhinoplasty can cause the opposite effect. Its appearance may not meet your expectations and may be unharmonious or affect its functionality.

In some cases, this will require a second corrective surgery to help improve the first results, but sometimes the malpractice of rhinoplasty can have devastating effects. This may be because the deformity correction was insufficient, or, on the contrary, the correction was made exaggeratedly. For example, if it is lowered more than the bill, cartilage grafts may later be required to fill the sinking.

Remember that any surgery, no matter how minimal, always carries latent risks. So, discover all the possible scenarios that may arise, solve your doubts, and follow your doctor’s instructions before, during, and after surgery. Next, we will talk about some possible complications:

Risks of surgery include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Hemorrhage
  • Perforation of the septum

Other risks related to results after rhinoplasty

  • Infection
  • Bruises
  • Shortness of breath
  • Permanent numbness in the area
  • Asymmetrical appearance
  • Pain, spotting, or swelling
  • Poor healing at the base of the nose
  • Unsatisfactory results

How to prepare for nose surgery?

What else can we do to reduce the possibility of complications? Yes. In many cases, the medical process before a nose job in Mexico and the patient’s cooperation can help mitigate many risks or even avoid unnecessary complications. Next, we will talk about 5 fundamental aspects of the preparation:

  1. Medical history

One of the essential parts of the process is to provide your surgeon with all the information related to your medical history. If you suffer from any respiratory distress, have had nasal obstructions, previous surgeries, or even if you suffer from a bleeding disorder, all this is precious information to foresee possible complications. It is also necessary to inform your doctor about any medications you currently take.

  1. Scan analysis of your nose

It is also necessary to take pictures of the nose from different angles. These will allow you to make a projection of the most appropriate type of rhinoplasty, discuss the objectives, and compare after surgery. In the same way, through a physical examination, your doctor will review your facial characteristics. The inner and outer part of the nose, the thickness of the skin, or the cartilage’s strength will allow you to determine the changes that need to be made.

  1. Avoid smoking

Smoking is strictly contraindicated for rhinoplasty in Mexico. Substances ingested when smoking can cause complications during surgery, delay your healing process, and increase the risks of infection. For these reasons, it is better not to smoke 2 or 3 weeks before surgery so that the body eliminates nicotine. And wait about 6 weeks after the intervention.

  1. Don’t try to imitate another nose

Both expectations and why you should have a rhinoplasty are crucial. Remember that facial features are unique to each face. Talk frankly about what you would like and would not like to have. In the same way, your doctor will tell you what things can be achieved and what you can’t. This way, you can balance your expectations and feel more satisfied with the results.

  1. The final results

Find out what the recovery process is like and when you will see the final results. Do not expect immediate results as there is usually swelling around the eyes and nose, which decreases considerably after approximately two weeks. You must be patient because there may be a minor inflammation for several months after surgery. Final results are usually seen around 12 months.

Best Recommendation: Find a Board-Certified Surgeon

One of the best steps to increase your success chances is choosing your surgeon carefully. As mentioned, an insufficiently qualified surgeon can perform malpractice that causes adverse effects. So be sure to select a board-certified, professional, and experienced surgeon. And if possible, know what results he has obtained with previous patients. Do you want to contact one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico?

Health & Wellness Bazaar offers you that opportunity. You can get the best option for your rhinoplasty in Mexico with a network of board-certified surgeons and unique medical centers. Call (858) 779 25 52 or email [email protected] and get a consultation with one of the best specialists.


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