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Should You Consider Penile Implant Surgery?

14 October, 2022

Penile implant surgery

Are you considering penis enlargement? One man that had penis enlargement said: “If it’s something you’ve been worrying about, maybe for years, then do it. This treatment is like breast augmentation for women. If you want it, you should have it. There is no difference.” The truth is that the topic of penis surgery has been taboo for years. But today, thanks to advances in medicine and the popularity of cosmetic surgery, this topic is opening more, and hundreds of men are benefiting from this excellent penile implant surgery.

The patient who shared his story is a war veteran with an average-sized penis with no functional problems. However, this surgery gave him more confidence in his body. This is something we all want, right? To feel comfortable and confident in our bodies. But since you entered this blog, perhaps even with a bit of shame, let’s discuss this taboo topic openly. How does penis surgery procedure work, who can be a candidate, and what results can you get?

Penis enlargement surgery – Where to start?

For years there have been hundreds of remedies to help men increase the size of their penis. All of these were fake ways to get your money. However, several methods have been discovered today that can help, thanks to technological advances. And these treatments are not bogus or home remedies; they are treatments approved by medical associations and performed by experienced and highly reputable doctors. Penile implant surgery  involves the insertion of pneuma implants (silicone implants), skin grafts, or the transfer of fat cells to increase the overall size of the penis.

There are several methods that the specialist doctor you choose will help you analyze and finally decide. During your initial consultation, your doctor should thoroughly discuss your case. During this analysis, he will review your body to find out which method would be optimal, discuss your specific goals, and may even give you an estimate of how much your penis would grow in size and width.

You must choose a doctor with extensive knowledge of the subject since a great doctor will be the difference between a good result and a great one. So, take your time researching the doctor or medical team that will perform this procedure in your case. Health and Wellness Bazar has a team of doctors with extensive certifications and experience. We invite you to check our website, where you will meet the doctors who are part of our team and some testimonials from patients who have already benefited from this treatment.

Is Penile implant surgery for you?

As we mentioned before, this subject is taboo, and in the past, penis surgery was only indicated for men with severe anatomical problems. So, if one asked or looked for information about it, it was shameful because it meant that you had issues down there. But that is no longer the case. Many men undergo this procedure to feel more comfortable with their bodies. And just as it happens with surgeries like breast augmentation, which has now become more common and less stigmatized, the same happens with this penile implant surgery procedure.

But basically, if you are a grown man with a penis, you may be a candidate for this operation. It is recommended that you have this operation done until your body has fully developed. The reason is that our whole body is still growing in our teens and early twenties. Obviously, to know if there is any contraindication in your case, you need to be checked by the doctor you choose to do this operation.


What results can you get from this surgery?

  • How many inches will you gain?

Each penis is different, and much will depend on your anatomical conditions and the technique used in your surgery. On average, patients can obtain a 20 to 30% increase. When your penis is erect, you will notice a substantial difference in size and gird.

  • Will it affect your sensitivity or erection?

No! During the procedure, the nerves responsible for the erection are not touched. But as in any surgery, the days after the procedure, you will have swelling and lose some sensitivity. Then, the sensitivity returns after some days once the body starts healing and recovering. In most cases, your sensitivity and erections will return to normal after the first month.

  • What are the possible risks of penis enlargement surgery?

According to research, the risks are minimal and occur in a small percentage of patients. But again, as with any surgery, some risks are involved. For example, you could have an infection, hematoma, inflammation, or tissue vascularization after the surgery. If this happens, good communication with your doctor and medical team will help fix the problem as soon as possible.

These are some of the fundamental questions about the results that you may have if you are considering this procedure. But it is crucial that you do not hesitate to talk about all your questions and doubts with your doctor. Discuss the pros and cons of each treatment and fully understand the process. Also, get an idea of what you should do in case of the complications mentioned above; in this way, you will know how to react and not get too scared.

Additionally, you can learn more about penis enlargement surgery before and after by visiting our gallery or asking your penile implant surgeon for more information and penile implant reviews and penile implant before and after

Lose the shame and schedule your consultation

This topic does not have to be taboo. We all want to have a body with which we feel comfortable. And th


e penis is just another part of our body. So, if you have been thinking about this topic for some time, do not wait any longer and contact us to know more about this permanent male enlargement surgery.

At Health and Wellness Bazar, we have a team of experienced doctors who will help you get all the answers you need. Hundreds of men have already benefited from penile implant surgery, and you could be the next. Schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a body that makes you feel more confident.


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