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Enjoy a Sculpted Body After Dramatic Weight Loss

25 March, 2021

Every year millions of people invest time and money in gyms, therapies, and diets to lose weight. Having a slim, youthful body figure is a reflection of health and fitness. However, very frequently, when losing weight quickly as a result of effective methods such as bariatric surgery, it can leave excess skin that looks saggy and unaesthetic. But take heart knowing that you can enjoy a sculpted body thanks to skin removal surgery in Mexico through Health & Wellness Bazaar!

Many patients from several parts of the world turn to Health & Wellness Bazaar to achieve optimal health and their dream figure. Most of them have achieved phenomenal physical results. Therefore, plastic surgery after weight loss focuses on making the patient feel more comfortable with hid body and less self-conscious. Besides, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we care about our patients’ long-term physical and emotional well-being. Thus, we always value their wishes and expectations and create a personalized medical treatment plan.

How can you lose weight dramatically?

Sometimes it may seem that losing weight is impossible. Yet, thanks to bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve Mexico, numerous former obese patients have lost weight dramatically. However, even though weight loss surgery provides the safest and quickest results, it is often considered the last option.

Bariatric surgery uses our body’s natural processes to allow overweight and obese patients with a BMI greater than 30. Every patient is different and has unique medical requirements. Hence, the best bariatric surgeons working at our network will provide you with the optimal bariatric solutions to ensure incredible results.

One of the most frequent bariatric procedures performed is gastric sleeve in Tijuana. For this procedure, the surgeon removes about 85% of the stomach; what remains has a sleeve or banana shape. This procedure is performed laparoscopically. Thus, the procedure is extremely safe, less invasive, and leaves practically invisible scars. As a result, patients feel satisfied remarkably quickly and eat significantly smaller portions.

Consequently, after a state-of-the-art procedure like gastric sleeve, a patient will lose weight continually for up to 18 months to lose 80% to 100% of his excess body weight. By reducing that dramatic amount of weight, the skin that needed to stretch to accommodate a bigger body will be saggy, and the patient is left with excess skin. Typically, this excess skin could be seen on the arms, face, breasts, back, abdomen, and thighs. Some patients undergo a procedure in a few areas of the body, while others need to remove the stretched skin from various parts of the body.

Thankfully, skin removal surgery in Mexico uses modern surgical techniques to counteract such effects and restore a natural body appearance. Therefore, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and closes blood vessels while making tiny incisions that will leave tiny scars that are practically invisible and can be covered with cloths and swimsuits so you can show off a fantastic figure.

Is such a procedure really necessary? Well, it is essential that patients consider that excess skin can make it difficult for them to carry out their daily tasks, including simple activities, such as exercising, bathing, bending over, and doing household chores. Definitely, patients who resort to skin removal surgery in Mexico are happier with their physical appearance, their confidence in them increases, and they have remarkable mobility to perform any task.

A combination of procedures might be recommended to ensure a fantastic and aesthetic body contour. For example, some specialists recommend skin removal with brachioplasty, tummy tuck, or breast and neck lifting. As a result, patients not only eliminate excess skin but can also get their muscles tightened.

What happens before the surgery?

A crucial aspect that surgeons consider is if patients have finished losing weight after bariatric surgery and have optimal health. Hence, plastic surgery will not be performed before 18 to 24 have passed after a bariatric procedure. Therefore, weeks before, the patient will have consultations -virtually or in-person- with his specialist. Your surgeon will explain what the procedure entails and the objectives to achieve. Granted, you will know exactly what to expect before and after skin removal surgery in Mexico.

Additionally, a nutritionist will provide you the basics requirements to eat healthily and experience long-term results. For example, he will explain to you what are the appropriate portions for you to eat and get all the necessary nutrients.

Furthermore, exercise will be recommended the following months after a bariatric procedure to ensure optimal weight loss results. That factor will also help the surgeons to know the necessary procedures you need to undergo once you have reached your weight goal. Moreover, besides enjoying permanent weight loss results, having a physical activity plan will facilitate your recovery after surgery and provide you even more health benefits.

Results after skin removal

We can safely say that our patients at Health & Wellness Bazaar are satisfied with the incredible results from plastic surgery to remove excess skin and provide body contouring. They look slimmer, healthier, and feel great, showing off a spectacular body. Plus, thanks to increased self-confidence, they are committed more than ever to stay healthy and keep their weight off.

Therefore, if you choose skin removal surgery in Mexico through Health & Wellness Bazaar, you will enjoy a fantastic quality of life while saving up 80% in similar procedures in the US.  Additionally, we ensure that our standards are aligned with the best international medical practices and standards to provide our patients with the best quality of medical treatments.

Would you like to get your dream health, body, and figure? That goal is now possible to all and only for those who can afford to pay excessive costs and fees. Reach out to us today at +1 (858) 779 – 2552 or email us at [email protected]. We will be thrilled to help you achieve your best body ever!

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