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Stem cell therapy in Mexico for hair loss

25 February, 2019

stem cells therapy in Mexico

Stem cells therapy in mexico are the origin of the rest of the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body and have two main characteristics that distinguish them from other cell types. On the one hand, they are non-specialized cells that are renewed in an unlimited way and on the other, it is considered that under certain physiological or experimental conditions they can be induced to become cells with specific functions.

The stem cell research field seems to be taking more significant steps every day, as science advances in that area, newer and more innovative forms are discovered in medical applications of a very diverse nature. Many diseases can now be treated with stem cells, which provides impressive advances in multiple health areas, giving an enormous and expected step to aesthetic medicine, with a variety of treatments such as facial rejuvenation, and among one of the most recent is stem cell therapy in mexico for hair loss.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Hair loss affects approximately half of the males in our environment, although female baldness has also increased significantly in recent years. This can be androgynous, by stress or even by a virus or fungus, so virtually no one is exempt from suffering.

Unfortunately, the consequences of alopecia are not limited to the physical, without a doubt they invade several vital areas of the sufferer. It is clear that there is a significant historical, social and even genetic link between hair and identity, which given the social demands and beauty standards imposed today, becomes even higher in the case of women.

Alopecia is one of the most common causes of psychological stress since people who lose excess hair are more likely to suffer anxiety, which causes a vicious circle to be one of the reasons of the condition itself. Those who suffer from alopecia are more likely to suffer from psychiatric illnesses since they are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and even social phobia.

People with baldness often manifest symptoms similar to those of mourning for considerable losses, affecting their self-esteem, which reduces their quality of life by observing a degraded image of their physique in the mirror. So, stem cell therapy in mexico for hair loss would give an impressive turn to their lives.

Stem cells have been put at the disposal of regenerative medicine for years in the research of diseases, using cells in good condition to replace those damaged by different types of pathologies, establishing themselves as a treatment that is a guarantee of success in their cures. Specifically, in capillary matters, when a person loses his hair, he is suffering from the loss of developed (adult) stem cells, specifically those that make up the hair follicle, which are the cells of the dermal papilla and the epithelial units.

Understanding the Process

The extracted stem cells are grafted onto the scalp, directing them to act as the dermal papilla. In this way induced pluripotent cells will be generated, this will cause hair growth regardless of how many healthy hair follicles the patient has, hence the marked superiority against hair transplantation, which has a significant limitation in terms of the amount of hair to be transplanted.

Stem cell therapy in mexico for hair loss also stands out for its relative simplicity, since you only have to obtain a small piece of Occipital scalp, which is introduced to the medical equipment with physiological saline and the stem cells are extracted in the laboratory, expanded and then injected into the alopecic area.

On the other hand, it is an extensive treatment to allow as many sessions as the patient requires as there would be a reserve of cryopreserved cells for future meetings without depending, as is currently the case with hair transplantation, on the extension of the donor area.

Also, the stem cells therapy for androgenic hair loss can be associated with other useful and complementary treatments such as Minoxidil or Finasteride, which would enhance the results. Although it should be noted that in terms of the effectiveness of the process, some Patients respond better than others, this is due to cell concentration or factors used during the stimulation process, and the result is affected concerning the progress of alopecia when starting treatment.

Personalized Solutions for Everyone

To all the above can add that this procedure does not leave sequelae such as scars, or marks of surgery, contrary to hair transplantation where one of the risks is that the wounds can be evident in the long term. Regardless of whether the graft is done with any of the existing techniques, people can develop a mechanism resistant to the adaptation of the follicle transplanted to the scalp, which would cause a notable scar.

So, if the number of transplanted follicles is very high, injuries in the form of small dots will be visible. This poses a significant disadvantage if you consider that it is a procedure with which seeks an aesthetic improvement, aspect that is also seen affected when in some cases, to be able to practice hair transplantation, it is necessary that the area is shaved entirely so that the growth can be done uniformly. Although the final result is much better, it may represent an aesthetic problem for some patients.

In conclusion, the stem cell therapy in Mexico, despite being a recent and relatively new procedure compared to the options that the therapeutic range offers, has gained a considerable advantage over the most practiced methods due to its practicality, better results and being much less invasive. So, it does not matter what type of alopecia you suffer, your age or sex, decide today to stop and reverse it, improving your image and leaving behind all the negative aspects that hair loss causes in your life. Contact us today for more information and make your appointment, every day you lose, you are losing hair.


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