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What Can I Expect in the Recovery Process After surgery Tijuana Bariatric Center?

20 July, 2022

Tijuana bariatric center

Congratulations if you have decided to give a step toward a losing weight goal at Tijuana Bariatric Center. Several patients have felt overjoyed and thrilled with the results they have obtained from Tijuana bariatric center surgery.

Learning more about the procedure, its benefits, and how safe it is to lose weight by gastric bypass surgery or gastric sleeve in Tijuana has helped them reach that vital decision. However, there is more helpful information you can be acquainted with to visualize changes that will happen during the recovery time. That will serve to be familiar with everything the procedure involves and make the transition easier.

Thus, we want you to discover the answers to numerous questions about the recovery time after Tijuana bariatric center surgery to be thoroughly aware of what to expect in topics considered less critical; however, they will modify your everyday routine or habits during your healing process.

  • Will I be able to chew gum?
  • Why can’t I drink anything with meals?
  • Am I able to take capsules or pills?
  • Can I have a bath, hot tub, or swim after the operation?
  • When can I restart driving?
  • When can I resume physical activity?
  • When will I be able to return to the office?
  • How long will I require to wear tensing socks?
  • Can I wear an abdominal binder or a trainer for my waist?

Will I be able to chew gum?

Since gum is a flavored chicle or rubber base preparation and our bodies do not digest and metabolize it, it is advisable not to consume or chew gum in the first six weeks after surgery. If you swallow a piece of it by accident, it will ordinarily go through your system.

Tijuana bariatric center – Why can’t I drink anything with meals?

The purpose is to let the food, soups, or protein shakes stay longer in your stomach and metabolize naturally. When drinking liquids with your meals, you will remove your aliment through the stomach faster, resulting in some problems like diarrhea and cramping. However, you will be able to feel full longer by not drinking during your meals. Thus, avoiding drinking water or any thin beverage 15 minutes prior to your meals and 30 minutes after them is recommended.

Am I able to take capsules or pills?

Yes, absolutely. Nevertheless, you must ensure these are no bigger than 1/3 of a dime’s size. It may be acceptable if you can break them into; however, the capsules should not be opened, or enteric-coated pills should not be broken unless your health and wellness expert directs you to do so.

Can I have a bath, hot tub, or swim after the operation?

It is better to wait some time to let them recover and be closed to avoid bacteria getting inside your operation’s incisions. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks after surgery in Tijuana Bariatric Center.

When can I restart driving?

Certain medicaments to control pain and decreased caloric intake can alter your mentation. Therefore, staying away from driving for some weeks after your operation is preferred. The suggested time is to wait at least two weeks.

When can I resume physical activity?

After a weight loss surgery in Tijuana, your bariatric doctor will want you to walk as much as your circumstances allow you right after your operation. You will progressively increment your exercise level and length. During the first 30 days post-operation, you can have some walking, use a treadmill or a static bike to start exercising without making a considerable effort. You must avoid pushing, lifting, or pulling more than 20 pounds for 6 weeks after a Tijuana bariatric center procedure.

When will I be able to return to the office?

Depending on your job type, you will be able to resume your activities; it can usually take 2 weeks. However, some occupations may demand more physical activity, like someone working in construction, a truck driver, or a police officer; in those situations, it may be suggested to wait a more extended period to recover appropriately.

How long will I require to wear compression stockings?

If your doctor instructed you to wear compression socks, you should follow the directions. It is recommended to wear them until you can walk and be mobile and abstain from being seated or lying down for long periods to obtain the best results from weight-loss surgery.

Can I wear an abdominal binder or a trainer for my waist?

Yes, you can typically wear them since the support and compression level they provide can decrease swelling, help the incision site, or even hold in your sagging skin after the procedure. Those are wonderful and affordable options to purchase following Tijuana bariatric center surgery. However, letting your incisions breathe a bit will contribute to proper healing.

It won’t be as difficult as you think!

Several patients who have turned to Tijuana Bariatric Center are delighted with the weight-reduction surgery outcome. They have not only changed their appearance and look more shining and stunning, but they have also boosted their quality of life.

Of course, this will be a life-long transformation in which you must persevere to reach and maintain the desired results. Additionally, there will be many adaptations throughout the way; for instance, in the recovery period, you should be aware of things you will not be able to perform right after surgery but wait some period after your operation to resume activities.

Hopefully, this article was useful to be more educated about care and precautions that you must take during your recuperation time. Being well-informed can help make this process much easier and have a friendly and smooth transition.

Therefore, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, you can reach us anytime for any inquiries or doubts regarding bariatric surgery. You can call us at (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected]. The most experienced and talented bariatric surgeons are waiting for you and will be delighted to address all your questions.


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