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How does the body change after giving birth?

17 April, 2019

During pregnancy the woman’s body surfers several changes. From the first moment of the gestational process, there is a hormonal revolution, it seems like the whole body conspires against itself, and adjust to give life to this new being. The result of being nine months in the mother´s womb is the creation of a new person, with a unique genetic code.

However, after birth, mothers notice the effects of the whole process in their bodies, which often times is not very pleasing and impacts self-esteem. This is why more and more woman are now opting for weight loss surgery in Mexico to give them back a stylized appearance they had before going through childbearing.

But, why is fat stored during pregnancy? Many women frustrate more and more as the months go by, this is because they are a noticeable increase in weight. This is because the body naturally stores fat during the gestating months, preparing the body and the systems involved in the production of breast milk. This is sometimes very bothersome; however, subject to intense exercise and a rigorous diet is not recommended during pregnancy, as well as ingesting excess calories. Most OB-GYNs recommend expecting women to gain a pound per month.

The problem is this advice is often times not possible to follow this advice. There are several patients who, despite the efforts made to maintain an optimal weight throughout a woman’s pregnancy they often gain as much as double that which is recommended by the doctors. This may be due to the intake of excess calories during gestation, to hormonal process, a high BMI before conception, or even due to pre-eclampsia. Pre-Eclampsia is a delicate health condition which affects 20% of carrying mothers which happens due to high blood pressure, it manifests itself with fluid retention and bloating.

How does the body change after giving birth?

One of the biggest mistakes pregnant woman make believes that it is possible to recover their figure immediately after childbirth. These radical processes which intervene in fetal development are difficult to reverse; there is no magical way to obtain instant results. Going back to an ideal weight depends mostly on being patient, healthy diet, moderate exercise, and breastfeeding. This last point is critical because the calories present in breastmilk and are passed on to babies are removed from the female body, so, this is the ideal moment to lose these extra pounds, gained during pregnancy.

Nevertheless, not all women have the capability to breastfeed due to many reasons; it may be due to personal or clinical purposes. This is why bariatric surgeries have become an excellent option after childbearing when excess weight and skin sagging make them feel uncomfortable, depressed and frustrate new mommies.

Anyhow, during the following months, it is advisable for you to follow some medical recommendations, even if you later desire to undergo or not a weight loss surgery in a Mexico bariatric center. It is advisable to eat breakfast daily to ensure your body has enough energy available, also avoid fatigue, and above all else overeating; don´t skip meals; have five small meals scattered throughout the day, making sure you include fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, stop eating sugar and junk food, avoid processed carbs and include often walks of at least 30 minutes daily.

What are some of the weight loss surgeries?

There are several struggles during pregnancy, which may require bariatric surgery. Many women discover that even though strict diets, and continuous exercises, are not able to get rid of excess fat accumulated during gestation, or sagging abdominal skin. This intervention is excellent to help these women lose weight and to reduce medical risks associated with obesity. It also helps losing weight in two main ways: trough restriction, which is used to limit the amount of food that goes to the stomach; and bad absorption, which shortens or re-direct parts of the short intestine.

The most common types of bariatric surgery performed by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico are:

  • Rux-in-Y gastric bypass. The plastic surgeon makes a small sac on the upper part of the stomach which is the only part that receives the food, this significantly limits the amount of food and drink you´re able to ingest. Then the surgeon proceeds to cut a part of the small intestine under the stomach´s main section and re-connects it to the new pouch; through this process, food passes directly from the pouch to the small intestine.
  • Laparoscopic gastric banding. In this procedure, the surgeon places a band which contains an inflatable balloon around the upper part of the stomach. This creates a small stomach bag above the gastric band, and with a very narrow opening which connects it to the stomach after that a port is placed under the abdominal skin and is connected to the gastric band through the hose.
  • Gastric sleeve. This is a procedure which is done through laparoscopy; a part of the stomach is separated and removed from the body. With this part, the surgeon forms a structure, a sort of tube which cannot store that much food. It also produces fewer amounts of the hormone in charge making you feel hungry, known as ghrelin, this reduces your food drive.
  • Duodenal switch. Just like with the gastric sleeve. The surgeon extracts a considerable portion of the stomach and leaves a valve which regulates the amount of food that enters into the small intestine, and to the top portion of the small intestine. Then it closes the middle section of the small intestine and connects it to the furthest part and directly to the duodenal.

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