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Why Is Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana More Effective Than Conventional Diets?

27 May, 2022

“I wish I had done it sooner”…this is a common statement from patients who have undergone weight loss surgery in Tijuana. Many patients are convinced that it was the best decision to take stock of what they have gained and experience this incredible procedure’s benefits to people with obesity.

But why is surgery better than diet? Doesn’t it involve a lot of risks? Is it worth taking this alternative treatment? In this article, we will answer these and other questions that will allow you to know which the best option is to lose weight safely. Many people do not like the idea of ​​surgery because they think it represents an elevated risk. However, we are going to analyze at least 4 important reasons why weight loss surgery in Tijuana is more effective for many:

  • Changes are made in the body that favor the metabolic process
  • Since there are profound changes, the weight loss is permanent
  • Short-term and long-term cost savings as you reduce comorbid conditions
  • Improves the quality of life of bariatric patients

Changes are made in the body that favor the metabolic process

Both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass in Mexico and other similar bariatric surgeries favor weight loss by modifying important aspects of the metabolic process. In other words, beyond willpower, those who undergo this procedure experience changes that accelerate the weight loss process in an induced way, making their eating plan more effective.

These methods permanently reduce the size and capacity of your stomach, so you naturally restrict the amount of food you can eat. In some cases, the intestinal route or the way in which food is absorbed is also modified. Likewise, weight loss surgery in Tijuana has an effect on the intestinal hormones that regulate hunger, satiety, and digestion. All this allows patients to start losing pounds steadily and significantly in a short time.

While the diet focuses only on the behavioral aspect when we consume food, the surgery attacks the organism’s mechanical and chemical levels. Therefore, bariatric surgery has effects not achieved with diet or exercise. However, bariatric patients will also have to modify their relationship with food since it will allow them to have a safe and effective loss for their health.

As there are profound changes, the Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana is permanent

Those who are overweight or obese have been in an unhealthy cycle of weight gain and loss for years; that is, they manage to lose a few kilos through strict diets for months. However, when they stop the diet, they usually recover the lost weight in a matter of a few weeks. This cycle can be devastating to your health, emotions, and self-esteem.

However, the Tijuana bariatric center does not offer a miracle diet, but the treatment is accompanied by a comprehensive program to lose weight effectively. In addition to surgery, the goal is to help the patient adopt a new eating style for life, have a more physically active life, and change habits in their daily lives. Thus, by making permanent changes, the risk of weight rebound is reduced, and results are achieved that can be maintained for life.

A major study of just over 1,700 patients who underwent gastric bypass indicated that after 10 years, most had managed to maintain satisfactory results. Only a small percentage of 3.4% had returned to 5% of their original weight. However, there is less chance of regaining weight than on a traditional diet.

Short-term and long-term cost savings as you reduce comorbid conditions

Currently, in many countries, health insurance still does not cover the cost of bariatric surgeries. However, this position is impractical if we think about the risks of limiting treatment for those who suffer from severe obesity. We mean that there are more risks and medical costs of not treating obesity in time than bariatric surgery.

People with obesity have a high probability of developing comorbidities and a mortality rate up to 14 years lower than those who undergo gastric sleeve or gastric bypass in Mexico. In adult life, obese people can suffer complications with diabetes, respiratory difficulties, heart problems, joint pain, emotional disorders, digestive complications, and other issues, so the costs of medications or other treatments will be almost inevitable.

Instead, the benefits of losing weight through surgery are incredible. It has been shown that the progression of existing diseases in the patient is prevented, but it is even possible to reverse the severity, prevent damage, and cure specific ailments. When undergoing weight loss surgery in Tijuana, during the first few months, patients experience a normalization of their blood sugar levels, better control of their blood pressure, and the absence of sleep apnea.

Improves the quality of life of bariatric patients

In recent years, clinical studies have shown that those who undergo bariatric treatment more than those who do not undergo surgery tend to have better physical, emotional, and even social conditions. Weight loss surgery, for example, has helped severely obese people regain mobility, decrease joint pain, and become more self-sufficient.

And, of course, physical well-being positively affects personal growth as a benefit. Feeling that you are in control of your body improves self-esteem, increases your social interaction, and better manages emotions. Unlike many self-prescribed diets, at the Tijuana bariatric center, with the help of specialist doctors, people feel safe in the process as they receive guidance and constant monitoring.

An effective solution that will help you against obesity

Does this mean that the surgery does the job on its own without dieting? Not necessarily. Rather, surgery makes the process of losing weight easier and makes every one of your efforts worthwhile. Likewise, it takes discipline, perseverance, and determination to change to a healthier lifestyle. As we have seen, bariatric surgery offers unique advantages, both in terms of costs, as well as in the metabolic process and your quality of life.

That is why we invite you to evaluate the fantastic benefits that weight loss surgery in Tijuana can offer you. Contact us via email at [email protected] or call (858)779 2552, and an expert surgeon will guide you on which procedure can help you lose weight successfully.


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