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What Can You Eat After a Dental Implants in Mexico?

22 April, 2020

dental implants in Mexico

No doubt, having a natural and clean smile improves both your appearance and your oral health. Dental implants in Mexico can help you achieve this goal. However, you might wonder, what can I eat after getting a dental implant? Am I to starve or eat tasteless meals? Not at all, in this article, we will give you some ideas and suggestions to enjoy your meals even after a dental procedure.

It’s true; usually, surgeons recommend that after getting dental implants in Mexico, a patient should be careful with his or her eating habits. In this case, having a soft food diet with easy to chew and digest ingredients will be helpful in the process of joining the implant with the bone. Some of such meals are soups, purees, and smashed foods.

How do Dental Implants in Mexico work?

The newly artificial teeth, or dental implants, are placed with metal posts on the bone. Thus, the osseointegration starts, which is the process of joining the implant and bone together. Dental implants in Mexico work in a very natural manner. As a result, the discomfort and irritation are minimized, which would typically be present with dentures and/or any other substitutes that provide partial relief.

The reason why it’s less painful has to with the bone healing around the implant entirely after a short period and, at the same time, fusing with the jawbone. When this is coupled with a soft food diet, the osseointegration is done quicker. Then, it provides a well-fitted, naturally operating, and permanent solution to your oral problems.

How long should the soft food diet be?

During the first week after getting dental implants in Mexico, most of the patients are thankful to have a soft food diet anyway. This is a crucial week to get familiar with their new teeth, especially when it comes to chewing and keeping them clean.

The osseointegration of the dental implants can last several months, only to be sure that the bone is operating with its full strength. Usually, the upper jawbone takes up to 4 months to do so, while the lower jawbone takes about 3 months. Therefore, a soft food diet should be followed for 3 or 4 months. Is this effort worth it?

Yes, it is! Just think that because these implants are permanent and become part of your mouth, they also provide unmatched comfort and oral hygiene during the entire day and night. Because the person’s smile and appearance improve dramatically, the benefits are comparable to having plastic surgery in Mexico.

The first day after surgery dental implants in Mexico

Hygiene is of utmost importance following a procedure of dental implants in Mexico. Therefore, it’s highly recommended not to eat or drink during the next two hours after surgery. After that, it’s better to drink lots of liquids, except for alcohol.

Then, upon the surgeon’s approval, liquid foods can be eaten at room temperature. For example, yogurt, smoothies, and vegetable soups can be eaten. Pretty much anything that can be absorbed with a straw to avoid any trouble with the implants.

The first week

When the first week begins, it’s advisable to incorporate broths made of bone, vegetables, and fish in the patient’s diet, as well as yogurt and gelatin. If the doctor and nutritionists see it advisable, the soups can include cream or other forms of dairy.

For dessert and the one with a sweet tooth, you can eat fruit softened in boiling water or in the oven. Smoothies can be so nutritious and incorporate ingredients that deserts have, such as peanut butter, coconut oil, crackers, and so much more. Finally, pasta that is small, well-cooked, and very soft can also be part of the diet.

Why is there a need to be so careful? As would be expected, the gums might be a little swollen during the first week, and the bone is completing its adjustment. However, this will not present pain in most cases. Pain could occur is there are little pieces of food left in between the teeth or mouth.

That’s why it’s so important to have good hygiene, especially after taking in liquid or smashed food. Also, foods containing high levels of sugar, acid, or spice should be avoided.

After the first doctor’s revision

After the doctor has done his first revision after surgery, he could approve to incorporate food such as cooked vegetables, soft fish, cooked meat, lasagna, and meatballs. During this stage, it’s optimal to choose fresh and ripe fruit, since they are softer. In case there’s still discomfort when chewing, you can cook them or make them in a smoothie. By sticking close to these suggestions, you will be able to go back to your regular diet much faster.

On the other hand, it’s crucial to eat thoroughly cooked meat to avoid any infection. Also, if the doctor prescribed antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medications, you must make sure to conclude the treatment. All of these indications will ensure your oral health and durability of your dental implants in Mexico.

Second and third month

At this stage, the jaw bones will almost be healed. Therefore, some more solid food can be added. For example, some soft stakes and chicken that are not hard and chewy, as well as ham. You must remember, however, that during this time, very hard and crunchy food should be avoided, even if you feel very comfortable with your new dental implants. Little by little, your surgeon will let you know which types of harder foods can be incorporated into your diet. It’s your job to let him know if there any discomforts in this process, so adjustments can be made to the diet if needed.

Other recommendations

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping good hygiene in your dental implants in Mexico. Just like in the natural teeth, some pathologies can arise if you don’t give the proper care. Furthermore, the risk of infection is high in people who smoke.

Brushing your teeth after every meal is essential. Try to brush all your teeth, even the ones that could be less accessible. By doing this, you prevent tartar and infections from appearing in your teeth and mouth.

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