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How Can You Experience the Full Benefits from Medical Tourism Mexico?

6 May, 2021

Medical Tourism Mexico

It has been said that health is not a luxury. It’s a basic human right. However, many countries have increased costs of health services. Thus, making it less accessible to the citizens. As a result, every year, thousands of tourists, especially from the United States and Canada, travel to Baja California, Mexico, searching for top-rated medical tourism Mexico services to receive high-quality health care.

Tijuana: A Leading Medical Tourism Mexico Destination

According to recent statistics, 2.5 million people have come to Tijuana for medical reasons to receive care in various fields, including bariatric and plastic surgery, fertility treatments, stem cell therapy, orthopedics, dental treatments, and general surgery.

Moreover, these patients take advantage of their stay in a great destination, and vibrant city with everything travelers are looking for. Therefore, thanks to its world-class infrastructure and medical care, Tijuana is always in the top 10 medical destinations in the world.

Travelers who come to Tijuana, whether for tourism or medical care purposes, experience remarkable hospitality and fluent communication due to the incredibly high level of English speakers.  Additionally, Tijuana is extraordinarily accessible from all corners of the US and other countries thanks to its international airport and proximity to San Diego, which is a drive that takes only a few minutes across the border.

It should be noted that medical tourism Mexico existed for many years, but not in the magnitude experienced in recent years. The city has undergone a spectacular transformation. As a result, state-of-the-art medical centers and hospitals have been built and pharmacies offer high-quality medicine at lower costs. Besides, shopping centers have the best stores available, and hotels provide remarkable comfort and luxury services.

Enjoy Top-quality Treatments Thanks to Medical Tourism

As a result of the above factors and combined with the high-quality medical care provided in Mexico for decades, Tijuana has seen an incredible influx of patients who can save 40 to 80% of equally excellent medical treatments in their home countries.

Perhaps what contributes the most to safe medical care and patient satisfaction is the fact that patients receive medical care from top-rated surgeons and medical specialists who have the highest credentials from the most prestigious institutions in Mexico and even from the US.

Exceptional Dental Care Through Medical Tourism Mexico

It is estimated that every year, 1 in 6 patients that come to Tijuana do so exclusively for dental tourism Mexico purposes, thanks to its exceptional treatments for all ages at affordable costs. They can enjoy various treatments, from standard dental cleanings to more complex surgical procedures and prosthetic treatments. Therefore, the solutions offered by dental specialists are natural, safe, and permanent.

For example, many of these specialists perform dental implants Tijuana with the best quality treatments. This surgical treatment is comfortable, safe, and long-lasting. It consists of replacing damaged or lost teeth with a dental prosthesis, giving it the appearance of a natural denture. Thus, the prosthesis will have the same function as that of the original teeth, but it’s much more comfortable and stable than regular dentures.

A dental implant procedure is performed with advanced technology and with experienced dentists. Therefore, this surgery is an effective solution for those people who have lost one or more teeth, who have healthy oral tissue or perhaps have lost speech due to one of the teeth.

Peaceful and Enjoyable Time During Recovery

Another fantastic benefit of medical tourism Mexico is tourism itself. Therefore, patients take advantage of their recovery time and stay to enjoy a new environment while waiting for their surgery or treatment and the days following. As a result, patients can clear their minds and reduce any anxiety or stress. For example, some patients enjoy walking along the seashore and parks or just experiencing the various fine dining options.

In fact, many patients like to visit the river and the beaches of Tijuana. For example, a popular place is “Playas de Tijuana,” which offers a beautiful boardwalk. Some tourists love to walk on the sand and watch the beautiful sunsets along with a good cup of coffee.

If you do visit the boardwalk, you cannot leave without enjoying some amazing and traditional fish tacos. Additionally, there is a very busy street in the center of the city that tourists love, called Revolution Ave. Here you will find different shops and crafts. Restaurants offer typical foods such as birria, tacos, and some other seafood dishes.

Since patients generally travel with family or close friends, they can also take advantage of these and other wide variety of attractions in Tijuana and things to do such as shopping centers, parks, a busy downtown area, and nearby most visited places such as wine country in Valle de Guadalupe. Besides, once in Tijuana, many fly to other destinations in Mexico that offer various opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Enjoy Medical Care that Results in Long-lasting Benefits

Whether you need a simple medical treatment or a more complex surgery, the city of Tijuana has it all. There are many reasons why medical tourism Mexico provides high-quality medical care that results in long-lasting benefits to patients’ health and quality of life. So, in addition to personalized, world-class medical care, you will also enjoy beautiful places to relax and have a good time.

A leading medical tourism Mexico agency is by far Health & Wellness Bazaar. Patients who choose our services and our remarkable medical network enjoy health care with modern techniques and technology at the best hospitals. Our team has international accreditations so that you can rest assured knowing that the medical procedure of choice meets the highest international standards.

Therefore, the choice to experience safe and phenomenal medical care thanks to medical tourism Mexico is yours. Feel free to contact a Health & Wellness Bazaar medical agent for any questions or quotes you would like to receive by calling our toll-free number at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].


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