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6 Forbidden Foods After Gastric Bypass in Mexico

31 August, 2022

Why are we attracted to the forbidden? In general, prohibitions are related to restrictions, limits, and the absence of freedom. That is why many people find them attractive or seductive. And when it comes to food, this is especially true when starting a new diet. Many bariatric patients wonder if there will be prohibited foods after undergoing a gastric bypass in Mexico.

But the truth is that not all limits are bad. Think, for example, of road signs or speed limits. They are there to protect people; following them can prevent many tragedies. The same goes for starting a weight loss treatment. Restrictions or modifications in your life will help you avoid complications and optimize your results.

Gastric bypass in Mexico – The importance of changing eating habits

A weight loss surgery in Mexico is an excellent alternative to help lose significant amounts of weight. However, for this loss to be constant and the results to last a lifetime, it is necessary to modify life habits and avoid the factors that have contributed to obesity. One of them is food, which implies not only what we eat but also the quantities and ways of eating.

Through gastric bypass in Mexico, a modification is made in the stomach that facilitates weight loss. This surgical technique modifies the size and the path of food through the stomach. Therefore, with a smaller stomach, the ability to consume substantial amounts of food is limited to 4 tablespoons at first and eventually 1 to 1 ½ cups per serving. For this same reason, learning how to choose each meal carefully is necessary.

Gastric bypass in mexico – Foods to avoid in your diet

At Mexico Bariatric Center by HWB, we have seen that for some, changing a lifestyle can be a more straightforward process than for others. However, your doctor and dietitian will play a vital role in this process. They will clearly explain how to choose your food, how much to eat and how often. In the same way, they will provide helpful advice that will allow you to change the type of food and the correct way of consuming it.

Generally, your dietitian will give you a specific, personalized diet. Still, there are foods that you should definitely avoid. Following these instructions will not only help you lose weight after a gastric bypass in Mexico but also allow you to maintain good health as you lose pounds.

These are some of the prohibited foods after your bariatric surgery. However, rest assured that after the recovery period, you can consume them in moderation:

  1. Coffee
  2. Spicy
  3. Bubble gum
  4. Sugary foods and drinks
  5. Potato chips
  6. Alcohol
  • Coffee

In addition to being a delight for the palate, it is no secret that coffee contains antioxidant properties and an energy boost. However, it also includes a high chlorogenic acid content, which can cause inflammation in the stomach lining. So, it can become an irritating food. And if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, it is also better to avoid it.

  • Spice

After gastric bypass in Mexico, patients may experience common discomforts for the first few weeks, such as reflux or diarrhea. Therefore, consuming spicy foods can worsen these discomforts and cause greater sensitivity in the stomach. As the intestines heal, nutritionists recommend that it’s best to avoid foods with chili peppers or strong spices.

  • Bubble gum

Did you know chewing gum sends a false signal to your brain that you are eating? When the jaw is activated by chewing and producing saliva, the body prepares to digest food. Consequently, it begins to generate stomach acids, although the stomach is empty, which can lead to gastritis or even ulcers.

  • Sugary foods and drinks

Avoiding sweets, chocolates, ice cream, industrialized juices, energy drinks, and other sugary foods will be essential to losing weight steadily. But in addition, a proper diet of low sugar will help you avoid Dumping Syndrome. This syndrome, also known as dumping syndrome, has been linked to various causes, including consuming foods containing high sugar.

  • Potato chips

It is a fact that calories and obesity are closely related. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid high-fat foods if you want a long-term result. A common misconception in attempts to lose weight is that most high-fat foods are fried. So, after your bariatric surgery, you must modify how you steam or grill your foods.

  • Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is the same as consuming empty calories, that is, without any nutrients. But, in addition, having a smaller stomach processes the alcohol differently. People usually have a greater absorption capacity and a lower tolerance to the effects of alcohol. So, if you want to stay in control of your decisions, especially during the weight loss process, being mindful of your alcohol intake is critical.

Will they be banned forever?

Not necessarily. Remember that immediately after a gastric bypass in Mexico, the stomach goes through a recovery and adaptation process. So, in the begging, your stomach is more sensitive to certain foods. For this reason, patients go through a phase of feeding based on liquids, soft foods, and eventually solids.

Now, it is essential to understand why foods are prohibited and their effect on the body. Food tolerance will depend on the response of each organism. It is usually recommended to avoid the above foods altogether for at least the first 3 to 6 months.

First, these foods are often irritating in that they can cause digestive problems, reflux, and even ulcers. And the second reason why these foods are incompatible with weight loss surgery in Mexico is that some of these foods are high in calories. So they can sabotage or slow down the weight loss process. Bariatric patients can eat a regular healthy diet over time. Still, when deciding to consume them, the frequency and quantity must be considered if the weight loss results are to be maintained permanently.

Achieve your goals and enjoy the process gastric bypass in mexico

Are you ready for the changes? At first, thinking about all the changes can make you anxious or wonder if you can make it. But changing your eating style doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Having expert specialists in bariatric surgeries can make a difference. The bariatric center in Mexico allows you to have the best surgeons, guides, and correct orientation.

Hundreds of successful cases show that bariatric surgery is an effective method of losing weight. But, in addition, having the guidance of experts will give you security and allow you to go through the changes safely. But it will also make the slimming process more than just treatment and become an experience that marks a new beginning in your life.

Do you want to be part of the thousands of people who have changed their lives through a gastric bypass in Mexico? Do not hesitate to contact us right now and solve your doubts. Call (858) 779 2552 or email us at [email protected] and tell us your story. Take the first step towards a better life!

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