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Medical Tourism Tijuana: When Will the Final Results be Visible?

4 March, 2022

Aesthetic procedures are becoming more common every day. People are not only looking to improve their physical appearance and feel good about themselves; they also want to find affordable treatments to improve their quality of life. Thankfully, Medical Tourism Tijuana plastic surgery in Tijuana offers the opportunity to experience first-class and affordable plastic surgeries.

What about the results? Well, as may have concluded already, the results of any procedure will always depend on each patient’s characteristics.

For example, age, physical condition, habits, skin condition or skin characteristics, anatomical particularities, etc., play a vital role. Of course, open and constant communication with your specialist before, during, and after the plastic procedure in Mexico is essential. As a result, you will avoid false expectations.

Next, we will see details of some procedures and the time it takes to see the final results of procedures, such as a tummy tuck. In addition, we will see what the long-term effects are, finally, you will see some care and recommendations that you must follow to achieve optimal results.

How long does it take to see the results of a tummy tuck?

If you are considering having a tummy tuck in Tijuana, you will want to know how long it will take to see results, as well as whether they are permanent or how long they last. Well, the results of this procedure are not immediate. That is because the first few weeks after the operation, you will have swelling and bruising.

Keep in mind that there is more swelling when more skin is removed than when a small amount of excess skin is removed. Although the symptoms vary from one patient to another, we can say that the results will begin to be better appreciated once the inflammation subsides, which typically occurs within six months.

In the case of liposuction, the first results are seen in approximately one to three months, until the bruising and swelling disappear. And from six months, you will be able to observe the skin of the abdomen more firm.

On the other hand, the final result of rhinoplasty in Mexico takes about a year, but after two months, you will notice changes in the nose’s appearance. If modifications have been made to cartilage and bone, these tissues must first recover, heal, and adapt, allowing the nose to recover promptly.

Regardless of the type of surgery you want, you can find fabulous procedures thanks to Medical Tourism Tijuana. Above all, medical tourism will give you the opportunity to receive safe and accessible medical care with well-trained specialists.

How to recover as soon as possible plastic surgery

After a tummy tuck in Tijuana, it is normal for patients to want to resume their lives again and enjoy their bodies’ changes. However, for the changes to be satisfactory, the patient must follow specific recommendations to shorten the recovery time and notice results soon. Some of these tips are the following:

Avoid over-the-counter medications. – After some plastic surgeries in Mexico, it is normal to feel some pain; therefore, the doctor usually prescribes pain relievers to reduce it. Therefore, stick to taking only the medication your doctor gives you, as self-medicating can affect coagulation and delay healing.

Move around. – The first days after an intervention, you have to rest, but then you have to try to move as much as you can. You can take a short walk from time to time or go somewhere to breathe and take light walks; this will help reduce post-operative symptoms such as constipation and pain.

Wear compression garments. – Thanks to the laparoscopy technique, the scars are smoother and less visible. In turn, to reduce these, compression garments can be used. These reabsorb edema, reduce inflammation such as bruising, improve skin retraction, preventing wrinkles and stretch marks.

Avoid intense sports. – It is essential not to jeopardize recovery, so the return to intense sports practice will have to wait a bit until it is done safely. Remember that intense exercise should be delayed for at least two months after the Tijuana plastic surgery to avoid complications such as bleeding, open wounds, inflammation in the area, or bruising.

Avoid smoking. – This is a recommendation for everyone, especially for those recovering from a surgical procedure. Nicotine compresses blood vessels, which means not enough blood gets to the wound area, impairing oxygenation and nutrients preventing proper healing.

Care and recommendations for incredible results

The patient stays two nights in the clinic with a bandage on the day of the procedure. Once the doctor discharges you, he must follow all the recommendations described by the specialist. The medical team at Health & Wellness Bazaar will accompany you throughout the recovery process, indicating the care in a personalized way.

After this process, the specialist will recommend that you follow a balanced diet and moderate exercise on a regular basis. During the first two weeks, no physical effort should be made to avoid forcing the scar. Please do not drink alcohol after the plastic surgery in Tijuana for at least 30 days to not compromise the procedure results.

World-class plastic procedures at your disposal

If you feel that there is excess skin and fat on your abdomen, you may consider a tummy tuck, or if you feel that your breasts are too saggy, you may opt for breast surgery to make your appearance appear breasts firmer and more consistent.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have a top-rated Medical Tourism Tijuana team, which encourages and transforms the lives of patients who want to control their weight and regain their health. We offer a wide range of effective and safe services to our patients with state-of-the-art medical solutions.

Unlike other countries and luxury medical centers, you can choose low-cost treatments in Tijuana without sacrificing quality. You will not have to empty your bank account to cover your medical expenses. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have all-inclusive packages that will cover all your needs. We only work with the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who will guide you throughout the process of your surgery and until you see the desired results.

Therefore, although the final results of cosmetic surgeries vary from one patient to another, you can obtain phenomenal and affordable results by choosing us. So please don’t wait any longer; experience exceptional changes starting today by contacting us at (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].


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