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What Supplements and Nutrients are Necessary After Mexico Bariatric Center?

21 September, 2020

mexico bariatric center

It is vital that a bariatric candidate understand that a bariatric procedure is not a magic cure for obesity. Rather, it is an extraordinary tool to help individuals lose weight to live a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life. Therefore, success depends also on the bariatric patient’s ability to follow guidelines regarding diet, exercise, and new healthy habits. The Mexico Bariatric Center at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we understand that fact. Therefore, we provide this kind of comprehensive medical treatment to ensure remarkable and satisfying results.

Importance of Protein Following a Mexico Bariatric Center Procedure

Macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats are easily stored in our bodies. However, that is not the case of protein, which is made up of several amino acids. Some of such amino acids can be produced by the body naturally, but most of them need to be consumed through foods and diet.

A nutritionist at Mexico Bariatric Center specializes in bariatric patients and will recommend a daily intake of protein after surgery according to several factors, including age, gender, surgery type, and level of physical activity. Usually, patients are instructed to consume 60 to 120 grams of protein per day after a bariatric procedure. Yet, various studies have indicated that many patients do not get the correct amount of protein daily.

Mexico Bariatric Center – Protein Supplementation

For some, tracking their food and supplement intake comes easy to them. Granted, it allows them to see how many grams of protein they are consuming every day.

Nonetheless, many people find that even with eating protein at each meal, they do not meet their necessary and recommended protein intake after bariatric surgery in Mexico. Therefore, protein supplements can help you achieve your protein goal.

The good news is that protein supplements come in various flavors and can be sourced from many different healthy ingredients, including pea, egg white, whey, and soy. Many bariatric patients have found that whey protein as supplements is easy and effective. Plus, it contains all vital amino acids to help support muscle growth and get rid of unwanted fat. Here are some recipes of sample bariatric fast meals that include whey protein:

  • Protein Pancakes


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons of water or milk, preferably unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 scoops whey protein (it comes in different flavors such as banana and vanilla

In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients. Then, in another small bowl, beat the eggs and add the milk. You can now add the eggs and milk mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well. Heat a skillet to a medium temperature. When it is hot, add ¼ cup of your protein pancake mix. Cook them first on one side for 3 minutes, then flip them and cook for only 1 more minute. This simple recipe than can be eaten for breakfast or a snack takes only 5 minutes to prepare.

  • Green Protein Shake


  • ½ small avocado pitted and peeled
  • Small lime, juiced
  • ½ cup of spinach, fresh or frozen
  • ¼ cup of parsley, fresh
  • 6 oz. of water or another liquid of choice: milk, almond milk, soy milk
  • 4-6 ice cubes
  • 2 scoops whey protein

Bring all the ingredients (except ice) into your blender and blend until smooth; pour over ice. This shake is very nutritious and is high in protein that will take less than 5 minutes to prepare.

Mexico Bariatric Center – Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

As it was brought out in the introduction of this article, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we provide comprehensive follow-up care, including nutritional services and continuing education to help you achieve long-term success after your weight loss procedure at Mexico Bariatric Center. Now, we will give you a taste of some of those specific instructions and guidelines regarding supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals.

  • B1 or Thiamin is an excellent aid to convert food into energy and contributes to healthy liver, skin, and hair. An individual can experience symptoms of a thiamin deficiency such as abdominal discomfort, fatigue, irritability, and uneven sleep. Such symptoms are common among bariatric patients. Granted, they are easy to dismiss as something of serious concern. Yet, if they are ignored, they can turn more problematic.
  • Another essential vitamin is B12, which allows the body to produce new red blood cells and contributes to a healthy central nervous system. When there is a small B12 deficiency, there could be no symptoms at all. Nonetheless, when it goes untreated, it can lead to a feeling of muscle tingling, weakness, and lightheadedness.
  • Iron is another vital supplement for bariatric patients. Interestingly, iron deficiency is an all too common condition in the general population of the U.S., even more in obese individuals. Some signs of an iron deficiency present as brittle nails, dizziness, fatigue or lightheadedness, and a fast heart rate.

Mexico Bariatric Center – Importance of Calcium

The best bariatric surgeons at Mexico Bariatric Center tell us that calcium is a mineral that is stored primarily in the bones, and it is the body’s most abundant mineral since it is needed for the body’s bone structure. Like most of the essential nutrients, calcium cannot be produced in the body on its own, so it must be obtained from a healthy diet and supplements.

Several studies on weight loss surgery in Mexico have found that all bariatric patients need to take calcium supplements following their procedure. Of course, the amount a patient needs will depend on the procedure and medical history. Usually, a patient who has undergone an adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass will need approximately 1,200 to 1,500 milligrams daily.

Vitamin D and calcium go hand in hand because they can be obtained from dairy products. Some symptoms of calcium deficiency can show up as confusion or memory loss, muscle spasms, numbness, and tingling.

Thankfully, there is good news. A healthy and varied diet after a procedure such as gastric sleeve Mexico will allow you to get the necessary nutrients, and there are plenty of easily accessible supplements. Furthermore, some of those supplements have been made especially for bariatric patients.

Why not learn more about the extraordinary bariatric plans and follow-up care at Mexico Bariatric Center? Contact Health & Wellness Bazaar today at (858) 779 2552.


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