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The Effect of Mexico Bariatric Center on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

23 April, 2022

Mexico Bariatric Center

Do you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, and obesity? Sure, you are not having a very good time. Especially when it comes to polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a prevalent disease among women. Experts at the Mexico Bariatric Center confirm that approximately 4 to 8% of them suffer from it.

However, if you are obese and want to treat polycystic ovary syndrome, specialists suggest visiting a Mexico Bariatric Center since the treatments are a proven and successful alternative. In fact, it has been proven that losing 5% or 10% corrects many of the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and successfully increases the quality of life.

If you have not managed to lose weight and suffer from this condition, you will love to learn more about the benefits of undergoing bariatric surgery. Don’t stop reading because you will discover everything about this practical and fantastic method in this blog.

Mexico Bariatric Center – What is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)?

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder where there is usually an excess of male hormones. If you have any of the following symptoms, pay attention:

  • It refers to when the menstrual period is irregular, especially if your menstrual cycle lasts more than 35 days. If that is happening, it means that the ovaries do not release an oocyte during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, ovulation does not occur, which can lead to chronic anovulation.
  • This condition occurs when a woman has high levels of testosterone. Also, she may suffer from hair loss, excessive facial or body hair growth, and acne symptoms. Together, all these signs lead to the absence of the menstrual cycle.
  • Polycystic ovary. This sign becomes evident when the ovary is enlarged or there are 12 follicles in each ovary. These follicles are formed by small accumulations of fluid that cause deformation and pain in the ovaries.

If you present any of these symptoms, in addition to being overweight, try an evaluation in a Mexico Bariatric center with one of our Health & Wellness experts, so you will know if your problem fits within a bariatric treatment.

What is the relationship between obesity and polycystic ovaries?

The link between polycystic ovary syndrome and obesity remains uncertain. However, it is good to know that 50 to 65% of PCOS patients also have obesity. This disease has been linked to other conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

In recent years, it has been reported that patients with polycystic ovary syndrome and obesity have benefited after a significant weight loss of 5%, as it particularly and remarkably improves insulin resistance, which in turn dramatically restores the menstrual cycle and the function. ovulatory

As recently as 2017, medical research certified bariatric surgery as a safe and effective procedure for those struggling with obesity. For this reason, we openly expose patients to a Gastric Sleeve Mexico as a treatment to counteract morbid obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome.

If you are interested in knowing if bariatric surgery is the perfect choice for you, do not hesitate to consult a Mexico Bariatric center so that they can provide you with all the necessary information and clarify all your doubts and fears.

The impact of bariatric surgery on PCOS and fertility

Some reports have acknowledged that the impact of Mexico bariatric center on polycystic ovary syndrome really works. For example, a recent study showed that in at least 50 women out of 100 who had been diagnosed with PCOS before surgery, symptoms improved markedly after the intervention, indicating that the effects of bariatric surgery are remarkably positive. Other studies revealed that 44-55% of resolved polycystic ovaries result from bariatric surgery. That is awesome! Isn’t it?

On the other hand, bariatric surgery has been guaranteed to help fertility, to the point of replacing infertility treatments. This type of intervention can greatly influence assisted reproduction techniques, giving better results. It even reduces the high rates of spontaneous abortion.

It goes without saying that the results of  Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico are highly positive and achieve the total normalization of all symptoms. You can be sure that if you choose bariatric surgery, you will get sensational results because the presence of polycystic ovary syndrome will not affect the effectiveness of this surgical intervention.

Phenomenal benefits that weight loss will provide you

Treatment accredited by a Mexico bariatric center can provide exceptional benefits, including the following:

  • Reduction of glucose, insulin, and blood glucose levels
  • Recovery in joint pain, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes
  • Improvement in menstrual cycles
  • In the event of becoming pregnant, surgery will significantly reduce the risks of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia and prevent fetal macrosomia

Does bariatric surgery cure PCOS?

There is no cure for polycystic ovary syndrome, but bariatric surgery can significantly relieve symptoms. For example, it can help regulate the body in relation to weight, infertility, and menstruation. If your goal is to lose weight and control your polycystic ovary symptoms, going to the best Mexico Bariatric Center will be a decision you will never regret.

Contact us for a proper evaluation

If you are interested in the effects of bariatric surgery on polycystic ovary syndrome, you can contact one of our advisors at the Health and Wellness Bazaar, who can provide you with the relevant information. We know that we cannot control everything that happens in our body, but if we give it a little help, rest assured that you will obtain fantastic benefits in the short and long term.

Don’t let another day go by! Make a free consultation today for weight loss intervention and eliminate this high-risk disease. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are committed to providing excellent and quality care. Also, our services are affordable and meet international requirements, contact us at (858) 779-2552, or you can send us a note at [email protected].


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