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Plastic Surgery in Tijuana: What Results Can You Expect?

14 February, 2022

Human beings continually seek improvement in their professional performance, social relationships, personality, and physical appearance. How you see yourself and how others see you is a critical factor for confidence and overall growth. For this reason, in recent years plastic surgery in Tijuana has increased popularity in a wide range of the population for all types of procedures.

Currently, plastic surgeries are performed with improved techniques, higher quality materials, and better technology than a few years ago. This has allowed reducing risks, performing surgical procedures much less invasive and, best of all, almost imperceptible scars. Thanks to these realities, more than 90% of patients are incredibly satisfied with their results. However, why are some not so satisfied? We will answer this question for you below.

Plastic surgery in Tijuana: How long do you have to wait to experience results?

This is one of the most frequent questions plastic surgeons are asked when having plastic surgery in Tijuana as well as weight loss surgery in Mexico. And the reality is that since it is a surgical process, each intervention takes time to see the full effect. The final results of plastic surgery are influenced by the type of surgery, the age of the patient, the type of skin, the physical condition, and the care of the same.

Generally, procedures cause bruises, inflammation, and some discomfort. Therefore, even with the help of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, you must realize that immediately after the surgery you will not see a perfect nose, a super flat and strong abdomen, or an incredible facelift that takes away age marks.

The first two or three weeks require more care, but recovery is divided into stages in which you can gradually resume your activities. Although superficially the body seems recovered, it must be remembered that the healing process is also internal, and care always plays a role. So, your entire results in some cases will be seen after a few weeks, but in others, you will have to be patient and wait a few months.

Plastic surgery in Tijuana: What are the causes of unsatisfactory results?

Patients who choose to undergo plastic surgery in Tijuana through Health & Wellness Bazaar are helped to understand the important factors that can influence their results. Some of the most common are:

  • Unrealistic expectations

The use of cosmetic surgery must be a “reasoned act”, mentioned a specialist. Then, the reason you have the surgery will influence your satisfaction level. For example, there are those patients who want to look like a celebrity. However, you must bear in mind that each body has unique characteristics, so it is impossible to obtain identical results. There are also those who do it on impulse or in moments of crisis, perhaps to improve their relationship, but not for their own satisfaction.

However, those patients who are aware of their features and are clear about why they want to improve a certain physical appearance are the ones who obtain the greatest satisfaction after their plastic surgery in Tijuana. With the help of your surgeon, you can understand what will happen before, during, and after surgery. But it will also help you adjust your expectations and find a balance in terms of what you want and what you can achieve.

  • Post-op care failures

Depending on each plastic surgery, there are specific indications and recovery times. These guidelines are essential to achieve successful results. Unfortunately, in many cases, dissatisfied patients have neglected their postoperative care after a few weeks or months.

Following proper care responsibly not only allows patients to succeed but also promotes a slower and successful recovery and protects their health. For example, sun exposure and physical exercise should be reintegrated gradually and only when your doctor tells you to. Just as it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing, avoid smoking, keep chronic diseases under control and go to the relevant reviews.

  • Incorrect surgical technique

It is nothing new to hear reports of failed plastic surgeries performed primarily by non-certified individuals. These are characterized by offering miracle results, exaggeratedly low prices, conducting few tests, and having low-quality facilities. And as a result, many have had disastrous effects, requiring the results of bad surgery to be reversed or even putting their lives at risk.

Therefore, each patient must ensure that the medical institution has legal credentials, as well as the doctor who will operate it. So do not hesitate to ask for their accreditation, experience, and if possible direct recommendations from other patients.

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Plastic surgery in Tijuana: Can the results be guaranteed?

When we buy a product, tool, or close a commercial deal, it is common to always look for a guarantee since this implies the assurance of an obligation or promise. This type of guarantee makes us feel safe and supported, but does the same thing happen with plastic surgery in Mexico or anywhere else in the world? No, compliance with medical treatment is not governed by guarantees, but by protocols required by medical science.

This is because the results are not only a product of the skill of the doctor but also depend to a great extent on the response of the human body, the patient’s care, and some other variables. It is essential to consider that each organism reacts differently, so even when a correct technique has been performed by the best specialist, the body does not always react positively. Therefore, negative results in surgical procedures cannot be completely ruled out.

What a patient can demand of his doctor is to have access to detailed information about his rights and about each procedure he will undergo. In this sense, asserting that right is a benefit that will provide you with security and confidence in the treatment you decide to conduct.


Plastic surgery in Tijuana: How to enjoy better results

Still, the chances of success may increase. How is this possible? Make good decisions when choosing your surgeon, taking care of yourself before and after surgery, and having a healthy lifestyle. An honest and trustworthy institution will not only say what it wants to hear, nor will it withhold vital information about the procedure from you. Rather, it will guide and guide you with clear and reliable information and protocols.

But you may be wondering how to find such a place. That is precisely why Health Wellness Bazaar has focused on offering people the services of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, the best facilities, the best bariatric surgeons and other specialists, and the highest quality standards. Our transparency in the processes makes locals and foreigners choose to undergo treatments with us.

We invite you to learn more about us through our page. Or if you wish to contact us directly, you can do so through the email [email protected] or by calling (858) 779 2552. We will offer you all the information you need about plastic surgery in Tijuana and other medical procedures that are of interest to you. Put yourself in the best hands and enjoy the best possible results!

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