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The Top 5 Questions About Rhinoplasty Mexico Answered

21 August, 2021

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Have you ever thought about going on vacation and having Rhinoplasty Mexico at the same time? Well, you are not alone. Around the world, thousands of tourists and patients travel to Mexico to receive world-class medical care. For this reason, medical tourism in Mexico is becoming increasingly popular, especially since its costs are low and the quality of medical care is the best in the world.

If you are planning to visit this amazing country and are considering getting a nose job (rhinoplasty), our experts at Health & Wellness Bazaar can help you choose the best plastic surgeon that uses the latest medical techniques.

However, before making your decision, you may have various questions. For example, who is eligible for rhinoplasty Mexico? At what age can a person undergo this procedure? When is the best time to undergo this operation? Is it painful? And, are the results immediate? It’s ok to ask this and other questions since the more you know, the easier it will be to decide if this procedure is for you.


Who is eligible for rhinoplasty Mexico?

Rhinoplasty in Mexico is the surgical technique most frequented by patients. Some seek to have rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, maybe because they want to reduce, enlarge, or strengthen it. On the other hand, some people need this surgery because they may have a deviated septum or very enlarged turbinates that reduce their ability to breathe correctly.

Therefore, if one or more of those factors are true for you, you are most probably a good candidate for a surgery like these. In fact, most rhinoplasty specialists perform this procedure on all types of people; whether it is an open or closed operation, you will obtain incredible benefits.

Also, if you are not comfortable with the shape of your nose and cannot breathe well, you can opt for a change. If you choose medical tourism in Mexico, you will be able to choose from top-rated plastic surgeons and receive a personalized treatment.


What is the best time to have nose surgery?

Some people decide to carry out this intervention in more relaxed months. Others decide to have it when there is less sun exposure but not as cold, such as in the fall. Yet, this surgery can be performed at any time of the year. Much will depend on the person and the climate in which they live, as their recovery will be mostly made at home unless they decide to have a vacation in Mexico’s fantastic destinations.

Therefore, by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the place where you decide to recover, you will be able to determine when to perform the surgery. Of course, it will benefit you to consider what other patients comment and especially listen to your specialist’s suggestions.


Are there any age restrictions for a rhinoplasty Mexico?

There is no set age for the various types of rhinoplasty, but it is always best to schedule this procedure when the patient has reached physical maturity. During puberty, the body and face change continually. For this reason, this intervention would not be advisable when very young since it can cause a defective development of the nose.

This procedure is generally minimally invasive. Still, each plastic surgeon will decide who is ready for this surgery. However, most specialists will not perform a rhinoplasty until the patient has passed puberty, so this decision should not be made lightly.

On the other hand, some patients need to undergo nose surgery because it is medically necessary. Thus, regardless of age, doctors can perform this plastic procedure, especially for reconstructive purposes or to improve a patient’s health.


Is the postoperative period of a rhinoplasty Mexico painful?

In all surgery, the postoperative period is uncomfortable. It is possible that swelling is observed, in which case it may last for three to four days or more. Although many patients report mild to moderate discomfort for a few days, these can be well controlled with standard medications. In case you experience ongoing pain, your specialist will recommend another alternative to make you feel better.

As part of the postoperative period, your plastic surgeon will recommend not performing the physical effort, sports, or activities that require lifting for three weeks. Also, for the first 48 hours, try to be relaxed and have the company of another person to help you at any time.

If you are thinking of doing this intervention, do not forget that through medical tourism in Mexico, you will find the best specialists who will help you minimize common pain and reduce any possible risks. The most important thing is to get the nose that we want, that it works correctly and is harmonious with our face.


How long do you have to wait to see the final results of a rhinoplasty Mexico?

In rhinoplasty, since practically all the nose tissue is altered, it is common for the area to become inflamed for a prolonged period. Therefore, the final results will be seen after six months or so. Keep in mind that swelling after nose surgery is expected because the body is healing and recovering after surgery.

In about a week or two, the significant swelling will go away so that only a small swelling will remain that can last up to a year. For that reason, surgeons recommend waiting a while before judging the results.

It should be noted that when we talk about a year, it does not mean that results will not be notable until then. It is likely that after one or two months, you will notice how the appearance of your nose improves. However, the full results will take about a year, but they will be almost imperceptible, and the remaining 20% ​​of the inflammation will disappear.

Moreover, if you follow the postoperative recommendations of the plastic surgeons in Tijuana, you rest assured because your recovery, although gradual, will be safe. In addition, with time, you will be able to enjoy a phenomenal nose, breathe better, and have a more harmonious face.


Where can you get the best results of a rhinoplasty Mexico?

In general, many patients who decide to have a rhinoplasty Mexico are from the United States and Canada prefer medical tourism in Mexico thanks to the world-class treatments and extraordinary results.

So now that you have a basic understanding of nose surgery, you can decide with more certainty and choose the best plastic surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities through Health & Wellness Bazaar.

Whether you need minor or major treatment, Health & Wellness Bazaar is the right place that has it all to improve your health and appearance. Schedule a free consultation at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at Both the staff and the doctors will be happy to help you fulfill your dream of having a beautiful nose that brings out your inner beauty.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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