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Most Popular FAQs About Plastic Surgery

30 September, 2021

Plastic surgery in Tijuana is a procedure that has significantly improved numerous lives. People of all ages, desires, and complexly different goals who have decided to undergo cosmetic treatment have enjoyed great benefits that have improved their quality of life. But of course, before the surgery, questions or fears may arise that you should clear. That is why today, we present the 16 most common frequently asked questions.


1. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: What are the plastic surgeries with the highest demand?

Each plastic surgery is done based on what you want to achieve or improve. Generally, the most requested surgeries are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift, butt lift, liposuction, eyelid lift, and tummy tuck. It all depends on the needs and goals of each person.


2. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: Are there plastic surgeries for men?

Currently, cosmetic surgery is an alternative that is not only focused on females. Both men and women who want to look good can opt for one of these aesthetic treatments. Among the most performed procedures as part of plastic surgery in Tijuana on men are rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, butt lift, eyelid surgery, and hair transplants.


3. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: What is the ideal age to undergo plastic surgery?

Generally speaking, plastic surgery is recommended between the ages of 18 and 45. Of course, the younger the patient, the faster and the fewer risks there are during surgery. However, other factors need to be considered in addition to physical health. Whoever wants to undergo plastic surgery will also have to be mentally and emotionally prepared since it will practically be a change for life.


4. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: Who can be candidates for plastic surgery?

The best candidates are those with a determined BMI, a healthy lifestyle, and not using tobacco or other drugs. The health requirements to undergo plastic surgery in Mexico are of vital importance to ensure optimal results. Even so, there are patients who suffer from certain chronic diseases that keep under control. That is why an objective physician will conduct the proper medical tests and analyze the history of each patient to determine if he is eligible for Tijuana plastic surgery.

Of course, there are various plastic procedures exclusively for reconstructive or health purposes.


5. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: What if someone offers me very cheap plastic surgery?

Then you will have to think twice. Today there are many places where they make unrealistic expectations at an incredibly low price. They are likely surgeons without qualifications or places that do not have the necessary equipment to reduce risks. Remember that your physical appearance, your health, and your life are involved. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, it is our priority to give you access to affordable care and still receive treatment by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico.


6. What type of anesthesia is used in plastic surgery?

It depends on the surgery and the patient’s requirements. Generally, in surgeries that last more than an hour, general anesthesia is applied. Thus, the patient is unconscious during the procedure. In contrast, less invasive procedures can be performed with only local anesthesia. Something important for the surgeon and anesthesiologist to consider is medical history, current medications, and allergies to avoid an adverse reaction. However, it should be noted that advances in medicine now allow the anesthesia to be much safer for patients.


7. Is recovery from plastic surgery painful?

Thanks to advances in medicine and existing painkillers, surgeons do their best to make a recovery from plastic surgery in Tijuana as painless as possible. Under medical supervision, you can take medications that will alleviate the general discomfort or pain. There may indeed be some eventual discomforts, but with the help of your doctor, you can reduce them considerably.


8. What is the recovery time for plastic surgery?

Since procedures are more invasive than others and each body is different, the recovery time can vary. But as a general recommendation, for recovery during the first days after a cosmetic procedure, you should rest, avoid intense physical activity, and sometimes wear compression garments. Your doctor will tell you what to do and what to avoid, and how long it can take to resume your everyday activities. Generally, it can be from 1 week up to a month, depending on the procedure, particularly when different procedures are performed simultaneously.


9. Are the scars permanent?

Some of them are. However, expert plastic surgeons apply delicate techniques to keep them as small and invisible as possible. For example, they place them in strategic parts to hide them, such as behind the ears, at skin folds, or the scalp. The appearance of the scar depends on several important factors, such as the patient’s genetics, the type of plastic surgery, and surgical wound care at home.


10. How do I know if I will experience the results I expect from my plastic surgery?

The success of Plastic surgery in Tijuana depends on several factors such as realistic expectations, surgeon’s skills, postoperative care, the patient’s body, and bone structure. Remember that the best plastic surgeons are those who do not promise things that cannot be achieved. Before surgery, open and frank communication with your plastic surgeon will be essential. Being clear about both your wishes and realistic expectations of plastic surgery brings the results closer to the agreed goal, and you will feel more satisfied.


11. Do all plastic surgeries require hospitalization?

Not all plastic surgeries require hospitalization. Many of them are done through an outpatient intervention. Only those cases where the procedure is more invasive may have to stay 24 or 48 hours for your doctor to monitor your results closely. It is always recommended to take two or more days off from work to have a good recovery period at home.


12. Can I die from plastic surgery?

The reality is that in any surgical intervention, there are all kinds of risks. The likelihood of fatal risks may vary depending on the patient’s health, having experienced and certified surgeons, and pre and postoperative care. Moreover, not withholding vital information from your surgeon can greatly reduce any risks.


13. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon before surgery?

It is better to clear all your doubts with a health professional before choosing plastic surgery in Tijuana. It will be extremely useful to ask yourself questions such as: What does this procedure consist of? How long does the surgery take? What will my recovery be like? What should I do, and what should I not do regarding my recovery? How should I proceed in the event of a complication? What are the risks depending on my health? What is the best alternative for me? How long does it take to experience satisfactory results?


14. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: Are the results immediate?

In general, before plastic surgery, the body reacts by creating inflammation in the performed body area. And depending on the type of surgery, the recovery time will vary for the body to recover both superficially and internally fully. With some procedures, you will notice the definitive results after a few months or even a year.


15. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: Are the results of plastic surgery for life?

In most cases, yes. But in other cases, it will depend on the age at which the surgery is performed, patient care, weight maintenance, and a healthy lifestyle. For example, in the case of implants, perhaps over the years, a replacement or modification is required. Yet, in general, plastic surgeries provide much more lasting benefits than non-surgical treatments.


16. Plastic surgery in Tijuana: What are the advantages of having plastic surgery in Mexico?

Currently, medical tourism in Mexico offers patients unique opportunities. Generally, in countries like the United States and Canada, obtaining a high-quality aesthetic treatment is out of the reach of many people. But medical tourism in Tijuana connects you with the best clinics and surgeons at a very affordable price, thanks to many factors, including currency exchange. In addition, choosing an all-inclusive medical tourism package through Health & Wellness Bazaar allows you to reduce costs and experience world-class medical care.


Medical tourism in Mexico can be the opportunity you have been expecting. Would you like to know more information? Email us today at or call (858) 779 25 52, and we will be happy to advise you on any specific surgery or other treatment such as Dental Implants in Mexico.

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Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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