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Can I Undergo Several Plastic Surgeries in a Single Intervention?

3 September, 2021

Plastic surgery in Mexico have never been so successful in the history of this medical field. In fact, every day, it is more common for patients to request multiple interventions to correct various parts of their bodies. For example, some undergo liposuction in Mexico and combine it with other cosmetic procedures. Thus, you may be wondering, how many procedures can I undergo at the same time?

Of course, to clear all concerns, it is best to consult with the world-class plastic surgeons you can get through Health & Wellness Bazaar. In addition, it is essential to be well informed about the requirements to undergo multiple procedures in a single surgery.

Therefore, before making a decision, you should consider all aspects. Find out in more detail what a combination surgery consists of below. In addition, you will learn the advantages of such an approach, what recommendations you should take into account before an operation, and in which cases it is contraindicated. Read on to find out the answers to such intriguing questions, but first, let’s begin with the simplest question.

What is combined plastic surgery?

This advanced plastic procedure combines two or more surgeries in the same patient in a single intervention. Please note that these surgeries can only be performed by highly experienced plastic surgeons who are proficient in the latest medical techniques. Sometimes one plastic surgery can compliment another. Thus, the results are optimal.

Still, this procedure has some limitations. For example, they should always be combined according to the needs of the patient and this or her expectations. But plastic surgeons should make sure that one is less invasive than the other to make recovery easier and painless. Ideally, they should be done in nearby areas so that the result is harmonious.

Some more common combinations are:

However, many other surgical procedures can be combined into one surgery. Of course, before undergoing plastic surgery in Mexico, it will be necessary to carry out an evaluation and the appropriate tests to know the state of your health.

It should be noted that these tests will help specialists to take preventive measures while they are in the operating room to minimize any risks. Even so, knowing the advantages that this surgery offers has motivated many to experience its results. Let’s see some of them.

What are the advantages of combined plastic surgery?

The main advantage of a multiple surgery is not having to go through the operating room twice. Consequently, it will be a one-time admission to the hospital and a one-time recovery period. The postoperative period will probably be a bit uncomfortable, but keep in mind that you will only feel this way once because you will no longer need any more interventions.

In addition, the combination of procedures will minimize exposure to pain relievers for several days and recovery periods. Additionally, the patient will not have to repeatedly suspend their daily or work activities since there will only be one recovery period.

On the other hand, combined interventions reduce costs. You can ask a Health & Wellness expert for our all-inclusive medical tourism packages that will save you much time, effort, and resources.

Therefore, the reports of multiple surgeries show the satisfactory result that patients feel over the months. For example, when combining liposuction in Mexico with a tummy tuck, the changes are spectacular, so many patients are thrilled with the results.

If you are considering multiple surgeries, keep in mind the recommendations that you must follow. Let’s analyze a few.

What recommendations should you take into account before surgery?

Before deciding to undergo multiple surgeries, you need to consider several details. Some of them are:

  • Orientation of procedures. For this, it is necessary to go to a specialist to indicate the appropriate surgeries that do not cause health complications.
  • Organization of the surgical plan. Once you have seen a professional, you also consult with the anesthesiologist to analyze all the details of your surgery in case you have any conditions.
  • Greater discipline. Remember that all bodies recover differently. Therefore, you must be disciplined in following your doctor’s recommendations and prescribed medications.
  • Respect the recovery time. Proper care is necessary for your recovery to be as quick as possible. If necessary, it is better to have someone accompany you during the first days after your surgery so that you do not make unnecessary efforts.
  • Be careful with your diet. It is better to eat a soft diet, drink plenty of liquids, and avoid foods with high fat and sugar content, alcohol, and cigarettes.

In general, the success of a combined surgery will depend on the surgical plan and how well designed it is following the realistic expectations and needs of the patient. Also, it is necessary to follow the specialist’s recommendations before and after a procedure, thus ensuring that a patient can enjoy remarkable results.

Now let’s see in which cases an operation is contraindicated.

In what specific cases is combined surgery contraindicated?

All surgical surgery carries risks. Therefore, the patient’s general health must be taken into account, success will depend on it. For example, it should not be performed in people with hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic diseases that are not controlled even with medication.

It is not recommended for people who have a very low tolerance for pain. Also, a specialist will rule out those with high metabolic and nutritional values ​​altered, people with obesity, and the elderly.

Therefore, if you suffer from any of these conditions or similar, it is best not to continue with multiple surgeries. In fact, the same specialist will explain the complications in cases of having a chronic disease. Therefore, it is best to wait if you want to have a plastic procedure, such as liposuction in Mexico, and make the necessary changes in your habits.

However, waiting will not limit you. On the contrary, it will avoid complications or health risks during the plastic procedure and your recovery. On the other hand, if you qualify for combined surgery, it is necessary to look for the best plastic surgeons in Mexico since they have the best medical advances and guarantee the best quality and results of your surgery.

That is why Health & Wellness Bazaar is a medical tourism agency that can help you find the best plastic surgeons and enjoy a spectacular body. You can contact us at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected] to start experiencing the world-class medical care you deserve.

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